WORTH A PEEK...Ermanno Scervino S/S 2012

Truth be told, I don't spend nearly as much time as one would think on current fashion 'education'. I find the whole process of keeping up with all the shows and fashion weeks a bit of a snore, especially since most designers liken themselves to conceptual artists when it comes to the runway. What has happened to real haute couture, the kind of high fashion that made our stylish senses giddy with delight for real, not just because we think that is how we are supposed to react to all the runway foolery all in the name of being hip and current. I am just not interested in seeing models sashay down center stage in completely see-through dresses adorned with tweed patches, barbed wire and fur pelts finished off with headgear in the shape of carburetors and box-shaped construction boots with 6 inch heels. Those looks are just not for me (not quite sure who they are for) but I will tell you what is, the heavenly confections created by one Ermanno Scervino.

Take a peek at the delightful wonders Mr. Scervino showed Milan yesterday and tell me that you don't just fall in love with fashion again!