Style Crush: Giovanna Battaglia

Whenever I am need of a little extra style inspiration, Giovanna Battaglia is the first name that pops into my mind. I am always left in awe at the countless ways the Italian stunner puts her personal sartorial signature on every outfit she dons.
The fashion editor/stylist and couture set darling is the epitome of chic sophistication, continually striking just the right cord when mixing classic ladylike pieces with slightly quirky stand-out accessories in the way only Ms. Battaglia knows how.
And the shoes...oh the shoes...beyond fabulous!

What do you think of Giovanna Battaglia's style??


  1. AMAZING STYLE! WOW! She is definitely one that will continually influence my own style.

  2. You were right, her shoes are gorgeous!!

  3. I can see why you are inspired, she has a fabulous sense of style and she makes it look effortless.

  4. I've never seen someone who can wear so many styles, yet look amazing in every single one! Love the sunglasses and coat in the first pic, as well as the feminine dresses you've featured.

  5. All of her outfits are incredible. Seriously love every single one. Now if only I could look that great everyday. Sighh...

  6. Gorgeous. So chic.

    Have an exquisite day.

  7. The inspiration this woman provides is endless!

    We put together Giovanna Battaglia's Vespa look! So feminine!

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