Profiles In Style With.....Mindy Lockard (The Gracious Girl)

The taste makers and style setters are starting to descend upon New York City and no, I am not talking about the swarms arriving for New York Fashion Week. I am speaking of the WifeStyle Conference being held in the Big Apple on September 17, 2011!
I know you must be asking-what is this WifeStyle business you are babbling about?

'If Carrie Bradshaw took a home economics class, this would be it.  Single, married, other, The WifeStyle Conference is a full day experience of celebrating domestic living and entertaining for everyone passionate about living a stylish home life.  The conference includes cooking lessons, an etiquette luncheon, a panel discussion with editors from Better Homes and Gardens, floral design skills from H Bloom, entertaining inspirations from Kelly L Moore, Gluten Free cooking tips from Lisa Thiele and mixology tips from the Cocktail Deeva, not to mention a mountain of SWAG from some fabulous sources worth over a $100.  The event has very little to do with being a wife, and more to do with loving where you live.  WifeStyle is set up to allow everyone from the expert domestic to the novice to gain new insights and inspirations in to modern living.'

Due to a matter I must attend to next week, I am absolutely all torn up that I can not attend what I am positive will be the event of the year so I beseech you my friends to travel by plane, buggy, steamer or unicycle to NYC for WSC and tell me all about the fun and excitement I will most definitely be missing!!
Now before I whip myself into a frenzy and have to reach for the smelling salts, a few introductions are in order. In the next few days, we will be virtually meeting three of the lovely ladies that will be entertaining and educating the masses at WSC and we start with none other than nationally recognized Etiquette doyenne Mindy Lockard, the 'girl' behind The Gracious Girl, our guide to gracious living!
Through her work, Mindy strives to uphold the values of gracious living in today’s modern world. Her daily blog, The Gracious Girl, covers a wide variety of topics and ways to incorporate living graciously into our daily lives. Mindy teaches workshops on dining, personal branding and networking to colleges and universities, government agencies and private companies. Mindy has partnered with such brands as Crane And Company, TLC and Microsoft’s Hotmail Share the Love Campaign. She is a regular television segment contributor for FOX 12 Oregon and hosts a quarterly column in Stationery Trends Magazine “What’s Write”.

How do you describe your personal style: traditional with a modern day twist.

Style Icon: Jackie O

Modern day style crush: Kate Spade

Go-to outfit: pencil skirt and a crisp white blouse

Accessory you can’t live without: pearls... surprised?

Current weekend uniform: skirt, t-shirt and sandals

Signature scent: Quelques Fleurs

Most coveted item in your wardrobe: collection of vintage skirts

Must-have beauty/grooming essential: Tide-to-Go and floss

Best beauty/grooming advice you have ever heard: always have clean, filed and painted nails.

You can never have too many: cocktail rings

Style “Don’t”/Pet Peeve: socks and sandals

Favourite style era: late 50s early 60s

Trend you could do without: mom jeans... not sure it was a trend.

What will never go out of style: sweater sets

East coast or West coast: Live on the West coast, Love the east coast

Currently obsessed with: scarves

Favorite night out: Friday night cocktails with friends.

Favorite city/vacation destination: The one I’m in. I love exploring new local shops and restaurants... and living and loving the moment.

Never travel without: laptop

Favorite film: Run Lola Run

Favorite quote: "I like to have a martini, two at the very most. After three I'm under the table, after four I'm under my host." — Dorothy Parker

Always searching for the perfect: cuff bracelet

Greatest extravagance hanging in your closet/wardrobe: Although it might not seem like it now, my Kate Spade basket handbag. When I bought it in my early twenties it was quite the extravagance.

Never leave home without: a handbag and lipstick

Signature cocktail: extra dirty, three olive martini

Go-to gift: Stationery

Currently reading: The Help... I’ve been working on it for a year and I’m a little late.

Ultimate luxury splurge: Day at the Spa

Dream dinner guest: Letitia Baldrige

What inspires you: My family

Hobby/pastime you could not live without: running

It wouldn’t be ‘my’ party without: figs, goat cheese, vodka. not in that order

Life would be grand if I could start every day....with a lakeside walk and cup of coffee

If I could bring back one thing it would be: Sunday drives

Stranded on a desert island, what 5 things could you not live without:
my husband, two children, pair of heels, iPhone

Why Don’t You... when buying your morning coffee pay for the person behind you and give an extra tip! A great and gracious way to pay it forward... literally.

1. Kate Spade  2. extra dirty martini  3. the perfect white shirt and pencil skirt  4. Quelques Fleurs

Don't forget to come back tomorrow when we will learn a few more style secrets from the delightful Lisa Thiele from 'With Style & Grace'!


  1. What a brilliant event, it sounds delightful!

    I love that Mindy would bring a pair of heels to a desert island.

  2. I think I know who MY latest girl crush is-Mindy is fantastic!

  3. Jackie O with the scarf? I die! You nailed my style... many thanks for the feature and introducing me to new people! Best, Mindy

  4. I wish I could drink dirty martinis, they are the most stylish drink ever, but far too strong for me.

  5. Darling LL you have put together a brilliant series! And I adore your promotion of the WifeStyle Conference! Thanks for being such a great friend and supporter. You will be there is spirit!