Profiles In Style With.....Coryanne Ettiene (Housewife Bliss)

Heaven knows what has gotten into Blogger again this weekend, our Chic this Week post has been hanging in purgatory since Friday night. Not sure when it will appear (if ever, we will keep our fingers crossed!)  but not even a posting glitch will stop up this morning! What could be so important on a Monday morning you ask??
Today is the final installment in our three-day series on the wonderful women of WifeStyle (click here to learn a little more about WifeStyle and to see out posts on Lisa Thiele and Mindy Lockard). Our spotlight on the upcoming WifeStyle Conference scheduled for September 17, 2011 in NYC continues with the absolutely lovely Coryanne Ettiene, co-creator of the WifeStyle Conference and the superwoman behind Housewife Bliss, a delightful guide to the finer points of domesticity.

Not since Samantha Stevens of Bewitched  has anyone made keeping house look like as much fun as the fabulous Coryanne Ettiene of Housewife Bliss. Am I a bit partial to this domestic maven in stilettos? Quite possibly since she is one of my dearest pals but one can't help but admire a woman who balances family, career and a life chockful of such style and charm.
I dare you to read on and not fall in love!

How do you describe your personal style: Classic tailoring with a modern twist. I am notorious for wearing skinny jeans, heels and a grey or chocolate brown top. I love to add prints with my handbags, belts and scarves. I suspect if Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie had a love child, I would be it.

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn stands out to me, I love her confidence and how she carried her clothes.

Modern day style crush: Alexa Chung and Kate Moss…. Perfect style in every way.

Go-to outfit: Skinny jeans, grey roll neck, fabulous belt, heels and a killer handbag.

Accessory you can’t live without: Pashmina, I have more than I need and never tire of buying more – they can make a simple outfit go from drab to fab.

Current weekend uniform: Skinny jeans, white t-shirt, heels and my favorite pink silk belt from J.Crew.

Signature scent: Coco balanced out with plenty of Ren Rose Otto hand cream. I love the spice of Coco and the allure of fresh roses, combined they make me feel beautiful no matter what I am wearing.

Most coveted item in your wardrobe: I have a wonderful collection of Tom Ford Gucci bags, but if I had to choose one item, it would be my leopard print pony skin ballet pumps… I bought them in Italy while I was pregnant with my first child and treat them like I will have them forever.

Must-have beauty/grooming essential: Cream, I am forever putting hand cream on…I am looking at 3 bottles on my desk and know that I have a further 6 in my bathroom. I love anything by Ren or Khiels, and always have something within arms reach.

Best beauty/grooming advice you have ever heard: Wear your sunscreen. Oh, how I wish I had taken that advice sooner rather than later.

You can never have too many: Tubes of lip gloss. I generally have the same shade, but find that I like to keep one in my pocket, handbag, desk, kitchen, bathroom…. You name it I most likely have a lip gloss there. I love the feel of soft lips, and the youthfulness of a its shine.

Style “Don’t"/Pet Peeve: I find that when people dress for themselves they dress with confidence, I have little patience for someone who wears anything that makes them uncomfortable. If you are going to wear it, love it and wear it with confidence.

Favourite style era: Hmmmm, I think the 20s, for no other reason than I have always fancied being a flapper…if only for a night.

Trend you could do without: Anything to do with ruffles, lace, flowers or ribbons. Individually they all add something to an outfit, but collectively, they do little to inspire me.

What will never go out of style: Pashmina’s…..they are a classic piece that is timeless and adds so much to any wardrobe.

East coast or West coast: East Coast, without a doubt.

Currently obsessed with: Finding the perfect white T, simple I know, but one can never have too many white T-shirts.

Favorite night out: A bottle of wine, 3 close girlfriends, and no place to be until dawn.

Favorite city/vacation destination: After 15 years spent living in London I immediately think of London as my favorite city, it is in my heart and always will be. But for a destination, I am currently falling in love with NYC.

Never travel without: Socks. The first thing I do when I board a plane is remove my shoes and put on a pair of cashmere socks.

Favorite film: Now this is tricky as it depends on my mood, but I never tire of watching Like Water for Chocolate, Withnail & I, and Seven.

Favorite quote: “I am outdoorsy as I like to get drunk on patios” or ‘Happy wife, happy life’ both are from unknown sources, but they always seem to sum up my life in a few short words.

Always searching for the perfect: Nap, I adore naps…my only regret is that I don’t get enough of them.

Greatest extravagance hanging in your closet/wardrobe: I bought a black feather boa a few years ago, spent over £500 on it, have worn it handful of times and long for time when boas become more common place so I can get my monies worth out of it.

Never leave home without: I am ashamed to say, my iPhone, it is like a 3rd limb and I am never without it.

Signature cocktail: Coz Nero Diavolo Wine, 2001. I buy it by the case loads and never tire of drinking it. It reminds me of our summers in Italy and has the most amazing taste.

Go-to gift: Everyone who knows me knows that I adore trinket gifts, the sort of delights you find in a boutique that you would never buy yourself but always long to have. I love giving trinkets that remind me of the person and wrap them up with all the care in the world.

On my iPod: Florence & the Machine, The Scissor Sisters, Mumford & Sons and Nina Simone are my most played list. I can listen to most anything, but never hard rock, rap or gospel.

Currently reading: I used to devour books, but now I only get a few pages in when time allows. I have 2 books I am reading right now, the first is Lonesome Dove ( I know, odd right?) and the second is Aphrodite (full of amazing food stories). I love books that tell a story and take me far away from the world of technology.

Ultimate luxury splurge: I have yet to make this one, but I am currently scouting around looking for a vintage Rolex for my husband. When I find the right one, it will be the most expensive thing I have ever bought.

Describe your home in one word: Busy

Dream dinner guest: Oh, just one…… Tom Brokaw, the stories he could tell!

What inspires you: Love, laughter and the idea that anything is possible if you strive for it.

Hobby/pastime you could not live without: Cooking, nothing gives me greater pleasure than feeding the people I love and sharing memories around a kitchen table.

It wouldn’t be ‘my’ party without: Short of sounding like a booze hound, I love to make pitchers of cocktails that go with the season (Pimm's in the Summer, Mulled Wine in the Winter) and offer plenty of nibbles that allow people to help themselves and create a relaxed friendly party environment. For me, entertaining is about the memories, not the execution, and a relaxed hostess always has happy guests, my advice to any new host is to take on only what you can do without ruining your experience and enjoy the company you keep.

Life would be grand if I could start every day....: At 9am with a hot cup of coffee and a kiss from my children.

If I could bring back one thing it would be: It’s not so much to bring something back but to bring something to the past – I wish our wedding photos were taken on digital cameras, we lost so many of our negatives over the years and only have 1 scratchy scanned version of our wedding day. I treasure the image so much and would love to look back on all the photos taken at midnight in the Sahara all those years ago.

Stranded on a desert island, what 5 things could you not live without: Lip gloss, hand cream, fountain coke, a set of encyclopedias (remember those?) and a photo of my family.

Why Don’t You...: While studying philosophy at Kings, I learned a lot about the practice of kindness and human nature, that discussion with my professor has always stayed with me. The short version is, an act of kindness is done only when the receiving person has everything to gain for it, and you nothing. A true act of kindness is done in secret, where no one knows it was done. With that said….why don’t you, do something kind.

1. Tom Brokaw   2. Vintage Rolex   3. London, England   4. Coco by Chanel
5. Pimm's   6. Flapper in the 1920's   7. the perfect skinny jeans (J. Crew)
8. Audrey Hepburn   9. Alexa Chung   10. Ren Rose Otto  


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