Now This Is Must See TV!

 I'm not much of a television watcher (reality TV is just not for me and it seems that is the only thing on lately!) but when I come across a cast like this, I can't resist!
Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and a lady that makes me laugh out loud, the magnificent Maya Rudolph star in "Up All Night", a comedy about the trials of new parents.
I have been laying low this week, trying to catch up on some rest (my body has been sending me numerous messages that I can not ignore anymore!) and I was so excited that this show was premiering on Wednesday night this week. Perfect opportunity to curl up on the couch after the kiddies go to bed, right? Well wouldn't you know it, I fell asleep just before it came on!
Counting sheep will be the last thing I am doing next Wednesday night at 10:00pm!

What new shows are you excited about this fall season?


  1. i don't really watch tv- but I want to see that show!
    Lilac and Grey

  2. I caught this last night - hilarious! I adore Will Arnett and to see him in the role of harried dad, as opposed to crazy villain, is great. Yet he still has the sense of humor I love.

  3. Downton Abbey starts again tomorrow!