WHAT SHE SAID...Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

"Wouldn’t it be terrible if you’d spent all your life doing everything you were supposed to do, didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, didn’t eat things, took lots of exercise, and suddenly, one day, you were run over by a big red bus and, as the wheels were crunching into you, you’d say, “Oh my God, I could have got so drunk last night”. That’s the way you should live your life, as if tomorrow you’ll be run over by a big red bus."

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
(Quoted by Michael Parker in The Queen Mother: The Official Biography )


  1. I guess some are happy livin' life large & some are not!!
    Here's to the Queen Mum..... RIP..

  2. I sincerely hope that she really did say that! What a fantastic quotation

  3. Well said! She was such a treasure - loved how Helena Bonham Carter portrayed her in "The King's Speech."

  4. Yay for the QM! Definitely a moto to live your life by.

  5. OMGosh! I have never heard that quote and I absolutely love it! The photo is also new to me. How lovely to wear her daughter's photos on her sash just like a soccer mom or should I say "Football Mum". ;) xoxo

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