On the Shelf...When Royals Wore Ruffles

Much to my amusement, my daughter has inherited her mother's love for the book. You see, yours truly has a bit of passion when it comes to the printed word and it seems my little one has been bitten by the bug! And while I am thrilled that my little girl seems to have a very diverse range of books that appeal to her, I would be lying if I said I didn't try to occasionally steer her in the direction of a particular book or two.
When Royals Wore Ruffles: A Funny and Fashionable Alphabet! is one of those books.
When the title first streamed through my inbox, my attention was instantly caught by the word 'fashionable' (a word that is just now starting to circulate in my 7 year old's vocabulary) and of course the delightful cover art. Once inside the front cover, smitten is the only word I can use to describe how I fell for this little lovely.

A wonderfully illustrated jaunt through fashion history, we learn that B stands for Bustles, F stands for Flappers and as the image shows us above, A is for the Attitude we all need to carry it off.

My daughter might be past the stage of learning her ABC's but I found her to be the perfect age to grasp some of the bigger words that were used in the book.
And to show you that we are not just about fun and frivolity around here, she is also the perfect age to grasp the historical information in the book. I started to notice this when hours after a reading of the book (yes it has been read many, many times!) she would ask me questions like "what was the world like when people wore bustles" and "why do some countries have kings and some don't". While her questions didn't automatically classify her a Rhodes scholar, I was pleasantly surprised to see a major peek in her curiosity about how people lived in the past.
Who could ask for more from a book about go-go boots and hemlines???

A perfect read for any budding fashionista and an absolutely charming book full of witty anecdotes, gorgeous illustrations and interesting information on fashion that I would recommend for adults as well!

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  1. I love this book, too, and so do my sons. I read it with great flair, and each letter is so fabulous, that they just sit and listen with big smiles. I hope they will be intersted in fashion as grown men.

  2. Bought this for my "niece" Miss Eleanor for her b-day this year and she LOVES it.

  3. How delightful! I just wish I had little girl family member to gift it to.

  4. Ohhh, this is a must-have for my little fashionista. Perfect Christmas present!

  5. Oh darling, I love this book! And your Queen Mum post just below.... your tweets and posts are always a great way for me to unwind and enjoy a dose of refinement. Have a lovely weekend darling, Coryanne