In Love With...Hawaiian Tropic's Shimmer Effects

With a schedule chock full of sandcastle building and sunset watching, I still have found the time to squeeze in a little lounging by the pool to work on my tan. Not a major tan mind you, I am well aware of the health risks and aging effects of the sun but it just doesn't feel like summer to me without a little glow!
Of course after any amount of time spent in the sun, one must treat the skin with a little TLC and an apres-sun moisturizer is a must!

Since I had run out of the usual product I prefer, I drove into town yesterday to pick up some essentials when I was told by a very nice lady at one of the pricier cosmetic counters that I could save my money and head over to Walgreen's for 'THE' product of summer 2011 she couldn't stop raving about, Hawaiian Tropic's Shimmer Effects.
I haven't used Hawaiian Tropic's products in years but I thought I couldn't pass on trying it out when I heard such a great review.
Can I tell you how fantastic this product is??!!
This non-sticky lotion not only sinks into your skin immediately without a trace of residue but gives you a smooth dewy feeling with just a touch of golden shimmer (just love that!!). The summery scent of sweet coconut sealed the deal for me, my son actually told me I smelled delicious!
Not sure if they sell this product in Canada so I am stocking up before my return, I'd suggest running to your nearest Walgreen's before I can get there!

What new products are you raving about this summer??


  1. ... for love of me I don't have one, lol. Yours sounds good. Anna :)