5 Delightful Places To Visit In...Toronto!

As a born and bred Torontonian, I know you will say I am a touch biased when I praise Toronto for being one of the greatest cities in the world. There might be an ounce of truth in that but how could I not be? An alpha cosmopolitan city with a splash of multiculturalism at every corner, and a skyline so spectacular, it rivals any work of art, the city known as Hollywood North has something in store for resident and visitor alike.
While it is ranked as the fifth most populated city in North America, you would be hard pressed to find such a large metropolis with as much down-to-earth charm as Toronto. The hustle and bustle of the downtown core gives way along its highways and viaducts to lively suburban areas, all with their own special charms and personalities. The city is chock full of spots that shouldn’t be missed but we have highlighted 5 places of interest that will definitely make it worth your trip to the travel agent to book your visit!

1. Casa Loma
Built in 1911 as a private home by Sir Henry Mill Pellett, the medieval castle perches on an overlook atop of modern day downtown Toronto. A visual feast for castle lovers, its unique design has also caught the eye of many modern filmmakers and has served as a film location for films like X-Men and Chicago. I could spend hours and hours roaming the grand halls and spectacular rooms that make up this grand  example of Gothic Revival nestled on a outstanding 5 acre garden.


2. Black Creek Pioneer Village
For a peek at what life was like in rural Ontario in the 1800's, Black Creek Pioneer Village should be your first stop. The outdoor historical museum features over 40 heritage dwellings and historical re-enactments are presented throughout the year with special events during major holidays. If you are around the area in October (my favorite time to visit the village!), you can enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving feast and wagon ride or try your luck in the Haunted Maze or Halloween pumpkin carving the pioneer way!

3. The Royal Ontario Museum
One of the leading museums of natural histories and world cultures, the museum is definitely the place for dinosaur enthusiasts and archaeology buffs but I have always been especially drawn to some of the special exhibits like last year's Vanity Fair Portrait display and the Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles and Costumes (are you surprised?).

4. Main Street, Unionville
Unionville technically rests just above the border of Toronto but is still considered part of the Greater Toronto Area and lucky that it does! Main Street-Unionville must be one of the quaintest stretches you will ever come across. Adorable little boutiques, wonderful bistros and cafes and a historical touch at every corner makes it a must stop on your next excursion to Toronto.

5. The Bata Shoe Museum
An entire museum dedicated to shoes, do I need to say more?
Housing over 4500 years of footwear history and a fabulous collection of shoes from 20th century celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis Presley, this is a definite stop for all shoe enthusiasts!

Now I can't be the only one who likes to brag a touch about their hometown?
Tell us about your special city, town or village and share it's secret gems and must see spots!
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  1. Wonderfully done post ...though we still maintain a home in the great city... we certainly do get to it enough. Your post has ignited some motivation to perhaps escape our country home and spend a little time in the city. Wishing you a fabulous day...xo HHL

  2. Thanks for this!!! I LOVE Casa Loma!! Must check out #4 and 5!

  3. I really want to visit Toronto - I've had friends go there for conferences and have said it's such a cool place! What you've featured look like some wonderful places to take in the local culture and shop.

    And, you may have asked me a long time ago to do a report on my hometown - is that correct? If so, many apologies for that falling through the cracks. Will you shoot me another email and we can discuss? I'm more than happy to brag on my hometown! Hope you are well, my friend. :)

  4. I read in the Star that Casa Loma might be closed down - it's practically falling down they said. I think it was actually Parkwood Estate in Oshawa that was the setting for the school in X-Men.

    I lived in Markham for a long time and saw the evolution of Main St Unionville - it's so different now! Remember when Old Firehall Sports was where everyone went to get skis and other gear?

  5. In one word it is just amazing. I heard a lot about Toronto. After seeing these beautiful pictures I really want to visit this beautiful city.

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