SETTING THE TABLE FOR THE HEALTHY EATER :: (Or Mrs. Lemontree's Guide on How to Behave Here, There and Everywhere)

Dear Lily,
My husband and I have been trying to eat a little healthier lately, sticking mostly to salads and light side dishes eaten together. Even though we aren’t eating a regular main course, I still like to set the table properly. It makes me feel like we are still eating a real supper (maybe a little reverse psychology makes me feel fuller with less!) Since the salad makes up the bulk of our meal, would I set my place with the smaller salad fork or with the large regular fork?

Thank you kindly,

Dear Evelyn,
Kudos to you for taking a healthier outlook! My family also enjoys the occasional meal made up of a main course salad and we are always happier (and less bloated!) by the time we have excused ourselves from the table.

When serving a heartier main course salad which can include some sort of fish or chicken in the recipe, the larger dinner fork would be placed alone at you place setting. The dinner fork would be used throughout your meal (except for dessert) since you have bypassed the smaller first course.

The smaller salad fork is always set at the table if you are partaking in some sort of appetizer and of course if a salad is preceding your main course. While the dinner fork usually stays at the setting throughout the meal, the smaller salad fork can be removed from the setting once the salad course has been completed and the dishes have been taken away.


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  1. Love your blog and now I am a follower! Everyone needs to read your blog and learn a little etiquette. I believe some people have forgot what the word means or that it actually exist.