Perfectly Polished: It's all in the Pearly Whites!

Want to know a quick way to shave at least a few years off of that gorgeous mug of yours? A bright white smile is the key!
Dinghy, yellowish teeth can make you look a lot older than your youthful self should and can help cast a dull pallor to an otherwise bright complexion.

Smoking, age, consumption of staining foods (coffee, tea, wine, etc.), thin tooth enamel, medications, poor health and even pregnancy can effect the color of your teeth.
After my first pregnancy, I noticed that my once gleaming white teeth had started to look a little...well..less than gleaming. One quick trip to the dentist later and I had a kit in hand that bleached my choppers to their formal glory but whitening your teeth doesn't have to mean breaking the bank at the dentist with expensive bleaching products.

1. Baking soda has always been touted as a natural tooth whitener and can usually be found in most households. A little baking soda, just enough to make a paste when applied to a wet toothbrush, can keep slight yellowing at bay if done on a regular basis.

2. Eating strawberries will not only delight your tummy but has been said to brighten your smile. I have also read that if you mash up the strawberries and apply the mash to your teeth for about 5 minutes, it will leave you with whiter teeth. (Never tried it myself but only due to lack of will power, unfortunately I can't control myself in the face of those little red lovelies, gobbling them up seems so much smarter than smearing them on my teeth!)

3. While I swear by the kit I purchased from my dentist which I use about every two months for upkeep and a weekly scrub with a little baking soda, I have heard that some kits you can purchase at your local drugstore do a remarkable job (for a lot less money).

Do you have a favorite product when it comes to keeping your teeth white and bright?

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  1. I depend on the dentist and good 'ole baking soda at home. My teeth are very sensitive and I tried all the kits and liketa' died using them!