ROYAL STYLE REVIEW The Royal Wedding Dress ~ Will Our Gal Kate Measure Up?

The excitement over the royal wedding is at a fever pitch today, just one day before the nuptials and no one can think of anything else other than the question of the hour: What will Kate Middleton wear??
A quick look at some of Kate's royal contemporaries shows she has some stiff competition in the style department but I am willing to bet the farm that the princess-to-be will not disappoint us!

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Lady Helen Windsor

Annemarie, Duchess of Parma and Piacenza

Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands

Mrs. Peter Phillips (granddaughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth), the former Autumn Kelly.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

Queen Rania of Jordan

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Princess Marie of Denmark

Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau

Princess Letizia of Spain

Princess Martha-Louise of Norway

Tatiana, Princess Nikolaos of Greece

No list of royal brides would be complete without a look at all the merry brides of Windsor as well!

Queen Elizabeth II

Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Princess Margaret

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Princess Anne, the Princess Royal

Sarah Ferguson, the former Duchess of York

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

Diana, The Princess of Wales

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  1. What a magnificent post. So many beautiful brides; Princess Margaret is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy tomorrow, I simply cannot wait!

    Cheers my dear,

  2. I am personally partial to the Norwegian Princesses! They have sleek style...

  3. so beautiful! my faves are Mette-Marit and Victoria. simple and stunning! thanks for sharing and enjoy the royal wedding.

  4. Lovely post and great to see all these Royal brides from around the world. So looking forward to seeing what Kate wears tomorrow. Enjoy.

  5. Is it just me, or do many of these royal brides look, um, older?

  6. These are all so lovely. Autumn Kelly's dress is my favorite, and Princess Mary of Denmark is a close second. Better get to bed early for the big day!

  7. Oh Lily so glad you came by! You just made my day !!!!
    Oh, to be a Princess!!! Loving all the excitement! Such fun!
    gi gi

  8. Diana, Margaret and Rania are my favourites.

    Kate will look amazing. It should be McQueen with Gina shoes. I can't wait!! xx

    Loving the no word verification, don't forget to change to pop up window too, so much better for us. Have a lovely day tomorrow xx

  9. The crowns, the gowns.... oh to be a princess. Le sigh. So excited to see Kate become Princess Catherine! XO

  10. What a great post...lovely to see all these brides and their gowns.
    I hope Kate has some superior Royal jewels on for the bug event!

  11. I was in my royal glory reading your post. I think Kate, um, Catherine will wear a new tiara made just for her. Her dress must be elegant sophistication but have a presence to accommodate the surroundings of the cavernous cathedral, don't you think? I can't wait to see everything!!

  12. Loved Princesses Victoria and Marie... But Catherine's surpassed them all!

  13. I have to go with Sweden...if you are going to wear a crown...wear a CROWN!

  14. Princess Maxima looked the most regal, she was stunning. Princess Diana was simply magical. She looked like a fairytale princess. A star that graced us for only short time. Kate did not compare, she definitely copied Princess MArgaret, she's a copycat not a star.

  15. Princess Charlene of Monaco out shined them all! She looks ethereal, magnificent, gorgeous! Our new style icon the modern day Grace Kelly. Viva Monaco. A star was born July 2, 2011 in Monaco and her name is Princess Charlene.
    Kate who?

  16. Still waiting for this site to post a pick of the Armani designed wedding gown of Princess Charlene of Monaco. The dress had 90,000 tiny mother-of-pearls sewn onto the bodice and train and over 120,000 swarovski crystals! So...why the delay, why isn't her picture up yet? She clearly will outshine them all! By the way, in tastful respect of her pre-wedding status, Charlene opted to wear a diamond hair accessory instead of a tiara (DID YOU HEAR THAT KATE?) Sh looked magnificent, a la Grace Kelly.

  17. Dear Anonymous,
    Princess Charlene's dress was featured in a post of it's own on the day of her wedding.(
    Since this post predated her wedding, we have chosen not to add the update here.

  18. I'm most partial to the arabian and mediterranean princesses. They are so gorgeous as is that anything they wear just ends up enhancing that beautifully. Case is point is Rania, whose wedding dress is typical of early 90s flair (with lots of traditional embellishment), but / and she looks so amazingly gorgeous.

    I googled the other jordanian princesses just now, and wish you would add pictures of Princess Haya (married 2004), Princess Noor (married 2004 to Prince Hamza), and the late Iranian Pehlavi family's brides (at least).

    ps: Diana rocked in spite of her dress!

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  21. Just come across this post - marvellous selection! great post.

  22. The late Princess Diana is still the most beautiful of all the princesses who were mentioned on your post. I enjoyed reading, thanks for the interesting post!

  23. I love Princesses, that is why I love seeing all of their wedding dresses designs. Such a lovely royals. :)

  24. A very good selection - only one error. The first picture of the Queen Mother is of her wedding in 1923 and the second picture is of her as bridesmaid to Princess Mary in 1922. Note the lace veil in one picture and the tulle veil in the other picture.