Look of the Day: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden in Escada

At the pre-royal wedding dinner to honour Prince William and Catherine Middleton, hosted by Lady Elizabeth Anson on April 28, 2011, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden looked stunning in a fiery red silk Escada gown. The diamond and ruby brooch centered on one shoulder created a gentle drape that accentuated the gathering at the waist. The Swedish princess finished her look with a glittery clutch, diamond bracelet and earrings.

What do you think of Princess Victoria's Look of the Day?


  1. Everything looked good except one thing! And it is important to me!

    Her smile did not involve her eyes!

    to me.....that is a "fake smile".......That was not a real smile!

    Just my opinion!

    Love love love your posts!


  2. Very nice use of the jewely.

  3. Wonderful use of the jewelry, but she's no Pippa!

  4. oh, she's stunning. i have been fascinated by Victoria since i was a young girl. my mother is swedish so the royal family was a part of my life growing up. i still have postcards i collected from relatives. Carl Philip is my prince;) my aunt was involved with Victoria's wedding day. she drove the flower girls to the wedding. she is part of a division of the military that drives dignitaries and the royal family for certain diplomatic events. she actually spoke with Victoria that morning and V remarked on how adorable her attendants were. very exciting. my aunt sent me a stack of magazines/newspapers with photos and wedding details. i'm hoping friends in London will do the same for me. enjoy your weekend and thanks for sharing.

  5. I wish she'd wear her hair down more. Its more flattering to her face.