Friday, January 28, 2011

'White' This Way!

After battling my third bout of the dreaded flu this season, I am just about done with the winter weather and definitely finished with the snow. Looking out my window and seeing miles of white is just not doing it for me anymore but I guess I should get used to it. The buzz in fashion is that white is a huge colour this spring. A glance at what has floated down the runways of a few of my favourites, Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein and Alexis Mabille is definitely whispering in our ears, white is the new black!

Calvin Klein Spring 2011

Alexis Mabille Spring 2011

Victoria Beckham Spring RTW 2011


Amber said...

Love white and the Calvin Klein is just so simple and crisp, perfect. As for Victoria B, I am loving everything she turns out, don''t you just want to wear it all? It's just a shame her stuff is so expensive, hey VB how about a diffusion line for us non millionaires!? That I would like to see. I hope your world gets back to colour soon as the snow disappears. Have a wonderful weekend honey. axx

Connie K said...

The last dress in my fav !

James said...

OK time for another old man complaint. Why do models always look so mad? God has blessed them with good looks, they are getting paid to wear (in most cases) wonderful clothes. So why the "What are you looking at?!" face? If it's because they're hungry, eat a ham on rye and smile for Pete's sake!

Lorri said...

Hi there! That last dress is AMAZING! Too bad I am not a size 2. :)