The Lovely Ones: Bette Davis

Bette Davis
(Ruth Elizabeth Davis)


  1. Bette Davis was one of those unique beauties. It just seems as though I grew up with Bette. I remember as a young girl fixed on watching her in the old black & white's. Great choice as always. Wishing you a lovely weekend Lilly Lemontree!

  2. love Bette. thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. take care.

  3. She certainly was lovely when she was young...

  4. I loved her when she was young and also when she was not-so-young! Adore all of her movies! Hope you are having a fab weekend!

  5. She is in one of my favorite movies! What ever happened to Baby jane! She's older in it but wow she was beautiful back in the day! =)

    I don't know if I'm a hipster but you are definitely one! My boyfriend has a shirt with cat's with lazer eyes playing a piano..I think he scores a zero on the hipster card. I decided to buy a condo in the burbs of NY instead of being dirt poor in NYC. I'm going to be wearing a mustache for my boyfriend's Mustachio Bashio so don't feel bad!

    I always love your posts! They are so interesting! It's funny tho that Kesha in her song, "We are who we are" she sings, "we make the hipsters fall in love" yeah I highly doubt that from her!

    Melanie's Randomness

  6. Love how her face looks so smooth and positively glowing and as if she's never seen a ray of sun = perfection!

  7. She was quite beautiful, as she aged seemed to have a bitter edge to her though.

    Art by Karena

  8. You might not believe me.....but I could not.....(and would not) make this up! In 1979; I lived in Pasadena....(3rd generation) my new mother-in-law came to visit me and my step-daughters) and my own daughter...... and her son (my new adored husband....who still is!) My MIL announced "we are going to visit my dear old friend from Maine on Thursday! She lives in "Hollywood!" Well; I was from Pasadena.....I didn't know anyone actually lived in I thought I was probably visiting a "nursing home"! We were going for "tea"!

    We find the place.......(my iphone would have been handy!! not even cell phones then!!!)

    and we get to the elevator. a lovely young woman is there......"Are you Mrs Bianchi? Are you Mrs. Ames?" Yes.....and up we go.
    I am totally clueless who the heck will be there.

    the elevator opens........And there is Bette Davis jumping up and down......ecstatic to see my mother in law......who was, indeed......."her dearest friend from Maine!"

    We came for "tea", I am the only one who had "tea".....they were having vodkas....straight up......and we arrived at 3 and at 9 finally.........Bette and Hatsi.......decided they were tired......(I am a talkative person..and I tried to pipe up a few times.....and Bette looked at me with those eyes...and said......."HUSH.......just listen" It was the quietest I have been in my life before and since........for 6 hours.)

    As we left....Bette said to me......."If you are lucky at the end of your life; you can count your friends on one hand.. Your mother-in-law is the first friend I count!"

    the elevator 9 something.......I say to Hatsi......."why didn't you tell me your dearest old friend from Maine was Bette Davis?"

    She said; "Oh Dearie......ANYONE WOULD HAVE TAKEN ME TO HAVE TEA WITH BETTE DAVIS!!! It was a test.......and you passed it!! You will make my son very happy.....and I see you are taking good care of my grandchildren!!!"

    What an experience. Never will I forget it!

  9. Penelope-What a fabulous story!!! I can only imagine the look on your face when you saw her! I guess it goes to show we should be nice to our MIL's sometimes! (LOL!)