On the Christmas List....Vintage Radio by West Elm

Blogger issues have caused a momentary lapse to our daily peek at Lily Lemontree's wish list. As I waited and waited for Blogger to come back to its senses, I visited with one of my blog favs, Une Femme Curieuse who had a super post about gifts for any of the men in your life (this is your cue, go check it out!!). 
As I perused her featured suggestions, my eye was drawn to one in particular and it just so happened to be the sharpest thing to hum a tune since Mr. Elvis Presley!
Perfect for the electronically obsessed on your list who like their gadgets with a dash of retro!

This vintage inspired radio from West Elm is just the thing to plug your Ipod into and tuck away into a corner or it can take centerstage just about anywhere in your house, it's just that darn adorable!

Find it here!


  1. I want that!!!! Kori xoxo


  2. Love the look of that retro radio for an iPod! Will have to check out your gift ideas for men...I'm having a hard time trying to decide what to get the guys in my life. :)

  3. Oh gosh, how adorable! I want it myself...but I know the men on my list would love it too! Great suggestion. Thanks!


  4. The Crosley radio is so chic. A great pic LLT!!

    Sending you some holiday cheer ~ Deb

  5. So happy you liked this, too - it fits your classic taste perfectly!