Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Lovely Ones: Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara Stanwyck
(Ruby Catherine Stevens)


Town and Country Mom said...

I've never seen her quite like this--she is lovely! My youngest was under the weather Thursday, so we watched Christmas in Connecticut--what a fun holiday movie. Barbara Stanwyck was perfect for that role!

Hill House Ramblings said...

Oh, I've always loved her. I think it's something about her voice. She looks so beautiful and vivacious here!


James said...

I have always thought she was a very under rated both as an actress and a beauty.

Sanity Fair said...

What a charming portrait. And as to my "Cold Weather" post, please tweet away!!! It was inspired, sadly, by an actual cold... thus the accuracy of the shopping options :)

Chantal Akkary said...

Such a lovely Blog you have here!!
From where do you get all the info??