Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Vogue at the Tailgate: The Height of Chic on the Twenty Yard Line

I know you have all been waiting in anticipation for Thursday to roll around this week so that once again we can take a peek into the creative minds of these fabulous ladies that the divine Mrs. Bliss of Housewife Bliss has gathered together for this Holiday Workshop. As always, the links to all of this week's posts are down below so don't forget to click on them for all the holiday inspiration you can handle and make sure you mark your calendars with a 'do not miss' for next week's Holiday Workshop on the 28th which will find this super series coming to a close!

Truth be told I am not a big sports fan and up here in the True White North, football is not a sport most of us go crazy for but we are a social bunch and much like our neighbours to the south, we love a good party! During the fall/winter holiday season while some of us are concentrating on the festivities that are taking place indoors, there are some fabulous get-togethers that are being held outdoors. Of course, I am speaking of the wonderful tailgate parties that are happening as we speak all over North America. You don't have to be a die-hard football fan to get in to the spirit of the game and enjoy all the festivities the tailgate has to offer and you don't have to forgo looking stylish just because you are outdoors. This type of outfit should really not be over thought, this is not the runway or Fifth Avenue but a few simple style considerations beforehand will help you enjoy the game and tailgate to their fullest!

Build Warmth with Layers
I always say that nothing ruins 'the look' more than unnecessary discomfort. How can we cheer on our team and look fabulous while doing so if we are shivering and turning blue?!? Layering is your first defence here and choosing lightweight and non-bulky items as your base will do the trick. Choose luxurious silk underwear as your first layer that will not only keep you warm but will provide a smooth foundation for anything else you decide to layer on top. Tissue-thin t-shirts, tanks or henley style tops will slide right over the silk undergarments without pulling or bunching up.

Colours are Key
Every Sally and Mary Jane in the stands will be sporting the team's 'official' jersey or paraphernalia. While this is a simple and easy way to show your support, it might leave you looking a little less than chic and a little more like every other sheep in the herd.  To show your loyal support and stylish individuality at the same time, why not get a little creative with your colours and stand out (in a good way of course) amongst the cheering masses. Choosing one of the two team colours that looks best on you, place that shade closest to your face with a lovely little knit toque or cloche hat and a coordinating scarf wrapped around your neck.  The secondary colour can be used anywhere else in your outfit but since we are looking for impact here, a heavy wool sweater featuring the other shade would look marvelous or how about all the darling fingerless gloves we are seeing everywhere this season? They allow you to indulge in all the delicious edible goodies packed into that basket or cooler and keep your hands toasty at the same time, form and function all in one!

Before You Step Out, Look Down
As much as we adore stilettos and all the stacked heeled boots gracing the glossy pages, this is not the place for your Manolos and Louboutins. Logical thinking right? You would think so but I have seen one too many young ladies trying to keep up with their husbands, partners or friends as they teeter and totter on stilts through gravely parking lots and muddy fields to not quickly mention appropriate footwear. Low-heeled or flat boots, wellies or trainers are perfect for these situations. If your footwear happens to be leather or suede, a quick spray of protection will ensure anything that lands on your shoes or boots can be easily cleaned afterwards.

Think 'Simple Care' for an Easy After
With finger foods and spirited beverages being the norm for tailgates, one must expect to get a little messy by the end of the party. Choose garments made out of materials that entail a easy clean-up. Denims, cotton knits and jersey and the like are your best bet since they can be thrown in the washing machine without a second thought. Steer away from anything that has to be dry cleaned or that might produce a tear or two if it gets soiled.

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Karena said...

Lily love your style for the big game tailgate!! Yes warmth and layering is the key!!

Art by Karena

JMW said...

Nothing like a good tailgate with delicious food, spirits and a fab outfit to boot!

Jen @ said...

Great tips!! I am always cold, so bundling up is essential to me having a good time! I always forget to wear a hat - lol.


cynthia - said...

We shop in the same places! Easy, classic and local! Love this all! I am always freezing and the layering is the best idea!

Pemberley said...

Sound advice especially the bit about wearing machine washable garb! And when you get older and have children who play sports you get to stand on the side of the cold wet field for hours - foot ware is key!! (and a flask of something hot with a little kick)

Housewife Bliss said...

Fabulous fashion advice as always darling...I am a keen believer in layering and warm toes to boot (pardon the pun ;-)

Miss Janice said...

Would love to be tailgating in The Grove at Ole Miss!

Mindy Lockard Etiquette said...

Great tips and advice for one of my favorite activities! And I LOVE your reminders around shoes! Thanks for sharing!