Holiday Style: Defining Modern Festive-Reindeer Sweaters Need Not Apply!

The last week of Housewife Bliss and friends 'Holiday Workshop' is upon us! What a wonderful series it has been and I am positive I am not the only one who has learned so much from all the talented bloggers that Mrs. Bliss had the insight to gather together! Don't forget to check out all the fabulous suggestions, tips and inspiration these super ladies are sharing with us today, all the links are at the bottom of the post!

As excited as you might be about receiving an invitation to a holiday gathering, one thing that seems to be on everyone's mind is 'what does festive dressing really mean???" I can prove this with the many emails I have received on just that question since the start of our holiday workshop.
Festive dressing conjures up ideas of sweaters appliqued with Christmas trees and those earrings and pins that play an electronic version of Jingle Bells when you pull on them. But for the truly stylish gal, this doesn't have to be the last word in festive attire. Yes, you can dress festive and still keep your chic wits about you.

The gorgeous colors that evoke the holiday spirit are all around but that doesn't mean that we have to don them all at once to look 'festive'. Choose a color that symbolizes the holiday at hand and that suits your style, personality and complexion. Work with that one major color for a monochromatic look or if you prefer add touches of another holiday infused shade to compliment without looking garish or overdone. 

A Little Dazzle Goes A Long Way
A sequined tank, satin pants or sparkly metallic shoes are fab choices on their own but one should never go overboard by mixing all together. One eye catching piece is definitely enough to make an impact without competing with the Christmas tree lights!

The absolute simplest way to do festive is with a strategically placed accessory! The key here is to make sure your piece says more chic than kitsch and keep your own personal flair in mind. I have come across the most darling little enamel pumpkin pins with crystal eyes, jewel-toned berets that evoke the spirit of Noel, and adorable Star of David diamond clustered necklaces. Festive accessories don't have to be festooned with symbols of the holidays to be appropriate so think outside the box when choosing an item. Playing up a color that captures the holiday spirit works just as well (see above!). The selection is out there for anyone who is on the hunt for just the right touch of dash.

Kate Spade Jingle Bell ring

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  1. So agree that a little sparkle goes a long way, especially at Holiday time. Like I always say: Don't guild the lily! Have my eye on the jingle bell ring. What a fun way to jingle all the way through the holidays~

  2. But I love my reindeer sweater.Exception for old men please!

  3. Great advice! I gave up holiday-theme apparel when I realized it ages you about 15 years. :) I'll stick with some judicious sparkle instead!

  4. OMGlamour, that jingle-bell ring by Kate Spade is too adorable! Lovely post, great advice! Instead of going for bright red, I tend to do black and maybe make my top sequined or add my spash with accessories, as you suggested. Hope you've had a great week, sweetie!

  5. Love, love, love this post! Love these clothes. So on target!

  6. I love all of those choices!!

    I really want a pair of shiny cigarette pants for the holidays. So classic and chic!


  7. Great post! I'm loving the Kate Spade ring. Yesterday, I wrote about different dress codes. So many people have no idea what to wear in different situations.

  8. those talbot pants and the kate spade ring are hot hot hot!! :D

  9. Simply adore those trousers....I need those and will asking Santa for them. Great post darling, thank you.

  10. gosh, you make me want to go out and go shopping!

  11. Love all your choices. Especially the Talbots pants. Great post!

  12. Holiday Style: Defining Modern Festive-Reindeer Sweaters Need Not Apply! The last ...