A Farewell to June Cleaver

One of the most beloved television personalities of all time passed on this weekend and with Barbara Billingsley went a little bit of our childhoods. The iconic Mrs. Cleaver was the epitome of the perfect housewife and devoted mother.

Some might mock and criticize the role that Mrs. Billingsley portrayed as being unrealistic and anti-feminist but if you were a watcher of the show then or now, you should remember that Mrs. Cleaver was a woman of gentle strength who ran her family and home efficiently and with great care. She doled out her advice and motherly discipline with humour, wit and abounding love. Within her family, her role as matriarch was one that was respected and revered by the male members of the household (can you even picture Wally not doing as he was told, Ward speaking harshly to his wife or the Beaver sassing her, not a chance!) . And all the while, she toiled in the kitchen and throughout her home impeccably dressed and perfectly coiffed.
Looking fabulous and getting the job done (whatever the job may be, inside or outside of the home), could you ask for a better role model?!?!

My darling friend, the Suburban Princess was the one who broke the news to me of Mrs. Billingsley's passing over the weekend and she was also the one who had the splendid idea of honouring the lady and the role she made famous by donning our pearls on Friday in her memory. Please join us on Friday by putting on your pearls, visiting The Life of a Suburban Princess and linking your blog and hers with the McLinky tool you will find at the bottom of her post.

A very gracious thank you to the lovely Trish from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover who was kind enough to create the fabulous button you see below. Grab the button and add it to your post on Friday!

May you rest in peace Mrs. Cleaver.


  1. Wonderful tribute ...and I'll be wearing my pearls on Friday..xo HHL

  2. wow, hadn't heard. Thanks for this tribute post

  3. I saw this in the news yesterday and it made me a little sad. She was an icon of that era. I will certainly donn my pearls tomorrow in her memory (although I won't be vacuuming in my heels :)

  4. I'll definitely wear my pearls on Friday!!


  5. As I told SP, I'm with you in spirit.

  6. Loved her.

    In high school, my best guy friend and I dressed up as Ward and June for Halloween one year!