Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dressing for Party Success: Stylish Attire for the Chic Hostess

The second week of Housewife Bliss' Holiday Workshop is in full swing and just like last week and every Thursday in October, Mrs. Bliss and Friends will continue to bring you all the tips, suggestions and inspiration you will need to breeze through this holiday season without a worry! A list of links for this week's Holiday Workshop can be found out the bottom of this post, please take a moment to click on the links and visit with all the talented ladies that have gathered together for this super workshop!

Ask anyone what can ruin an otherwise fabulous party and at the top of their list you will surely find an unhappy hostess. All the meticulous planning and party prep in the world can not make up for a hostess that is 'not in the mood' during her soiree. But what could a make a hostess less than joyous you ask?

Barring any major catastrophes that could occur while the party is in full swing or domestic tragedies, much like the ones that usually chase poor old Betty Draper around leaving her to slump onto her bed in a unkempt mess, the outfit that one chooses to don for her gathering can make or break a successful hostess.

Many of us are so wrapped up in all the pre-party planning and last minute details that are essential to a great party that we occasionally forget about the woman behind the party, the hostess who has given her all to her gathering and has unfortunately left herself and her outfit last on the list of party prep.
Parties can take any shape or form and what you might wear to a small, informal gathering for family will differ greatly from what you might don for a large, swanky soiree. Add into the mix your own personal style and the choices out there are as diverse and different as each and every one of us, but there are a few tips that will fit right into anyone's wardrobe.

Plan Ahead
Choosing your outfit should never be left off of your pre-party planning list. If you are thinking of wearing something that is already hanging in your closet, pull it out at least two weeks before the special date and make sure it is in good form and fits properly. Repairs and dry cleaning require at least few days each to complete and should not be left to the last minute just in case something goes wrong with either.
In for a new purchase? It is a rule of fate that when you are frantically looking for something in particular for an important event, you will be left holding an empty bag. Start strolling the malls and boutiques as soon as you have decided on a date.

Soirees and Suffering do not Mix
A decent amount of thought should be given to choosing a chic and dare I say, comfortable hostess outfit. I know most fashionistas hate to couple the words chic and comfortable in the same sentence but I do not fall into this group. Looking fabulous does not have to hurt (well not too much anyway!). There is nothing worse than spending an entire evening not being able to breath, eat or move. Making sure your outfit does not pinch, poke or inhibit your movement greatly is essential. You should be able to maneuver yourself gracefully with a touch of finesse and walking around like a injured robot does not equal either of these things. Since the majority of us will be going with little to no domestic help for our holiday parties, it is essential that whatever route you choose to go in the outfit department, style and a certain level of comfort should go hand in hand. Your garments while divinely stylish, should allow you the freedom of movement and the ability to pull a turkey out of the oven, make a drink, serve a dish and great a guest with an enthusiastic welcome!

Experimentation in Moderation
While I am all for a women's choice to re-invent herself whenever she feels the time is right, I would suggest keeping any major metamorphosis you might be going through for another day. A drastic new hair style gone wrong or a night spent in a super-mini and teetering in 4 inch platforms when you are used to loafers and leggings might produce more discomfort than you had bargained for.
Of course, confidence in ourselves and our choices should always be the order of the day and it is fun and exciting to experiment and step outside of your shell but let's face it. We are all human with moments of doubts, a funny look from a friend or relative could cause you to second guess your new look and your party is not the time to shrink back into the woodwork like a wall flower.

Smile, smile, smile!
Your outfit might look like a million bucks and in some cases, could have cost you pretty close to that but nothing ruins a fabulous look like a expressionless or sour face! Even if is not within your general nature to flash your pearly whites, putting a simple smile on your lovely face is like the Queen donning her tiara. Without it, her royal highness is just another lady in an evening gown. Let your super smile be your crowning glory!

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Karena said...


Wonderful Image of Betty Draper!! The suggestions are really priceless!

I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

Art by Karena

James said...

OK now what are your recommendations for the host?

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I know about prepping...and planning...the guest list,
the food and flowers....
attitude of gratitude and welcome your guests...
they are "the party"
as the Hostess I merely facilitate...
invite conversation and encourage

if only I could look as lovely as Betty Draper.....

Giorgie said...

I would love it if you could post a few examples of outfits that would be appropriate. Use your own preferences as a guide - We trust you!

Housewife Bliss said...

oh that picture, it says it all...great tips darling, smile, smile, advice.