Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn Days

The Lemontree family spent the afternoon at a darling pumpkin patch today and I was once again, in awe of the beauty we know as fall.

Autumn Days
Yellow, mellow, ripened days,
Sheltered in a golden coating;
O'er the dreamy, listless haze,
White and dainty cloudlets floating;
Winking at the blushing trees,
And the sombre, furrowed fallow;
Smiling at the airy ease
Of the southward-flying swallow.
Sweet and smiling are thy ways,
Beauteous, golden, Autumn days!

Will McKendree Carleton (1845-1912)


FairyFiligree said...

What glorious colours. This is a superb selection of pictures . I don't like autumn much myself but put like this.... well, it's a different picture altogether!

EntertainingMom said...

Beautiful!!! I just love fall!

Suburban Princess said...

Beautiful! I was in Port Perry today and the view is spectacular!
Did you go to Whittamores?

Layers and Layers said...

I so love fall. Père Lachaise looks amazing wih autumn leaves! Great pics :)

georgia~gigi said...

Glad to hear the Lemontree's had a wonderful time! Fall is so beautiful!

Stefanie Valentine said...

What beautiful photos, the colours are stunning! I love this time of year x

Housewife Bliss said...

Love these images, miss the feel of autumn and the changing seasons...AZ is lacking in the 'fall' feel