Calling all Etiquette Trainers!

Are you a Certified Etiquette Trainer? Or do you know someone who is and want to recommend them? Our website and blog are being updated to include a listing of etiquette trainers and experts all over the world and we would love to include you! Please send us a comment mentioning you would like to be added to our list or if you know someone you would like to recommend, leave their name/contact information so we can get back to them.

A listing of contact information will be available shortly on our updated site and this blog for anyone looking for etiquette training in their city.

On the Cover: Katherine Heigl at Harper's Bazaar

Katherine Heigl is beyond glamorous as she sits pretty for the cover shoot of Harper's Bazaar July 2010 issue.

Harper's Bazaar July 2010/Alexei Lubomirski

Wise Words for Wives (and Quite Frankly, For Husbands, Partners and Roomates Too!)

Don't let breakfast be a 'catch if you can' meal. Long touted as the most important meal of the day, it supplies the essential fuel your body (and the bodies of your family) needs and when prepared and enjoyed with a little care can be one of the nicest ways to start your day!

If you are a 'stay at home parent', wake up early enough to prepare a proper breakfast for yourself and let's not forget the rest of the family. Try having breakfast ready for your family when they come to the table. Not only will they be thrilled to have a nutritious meal waiting for them but think of how much quicker you will get them out the door and out of your hair to spend the morning the way you like (not that getting rid of our families is our goal, right)!

If you are one of the working masses like most of us, having a streamlined breakfast routine that includes a quick but nutritious meal will always work in your favor. It will keep your tummy from growling like a beast during a morning meeting and keep you from being famished at noon, diving into anything that doesn't move to satisfy your hunger!

And since we are on the topic of breakfast, why don't you break out the nice plates, pretty bowls and glasses you keep hidden away in your cupboards that only see the light when you have company? No better way to elevate your morning and just might prompt you to keep your day going on the right foot!
Aren't we all worth a little fine living?

THE HANDSHAKE IN 5 (Mrs. Lemontree's Guide on How to Behave Here, There and Everywhere)

The handshake has fallen out of favor. Germophobes say that it cross-contaminates. People who eschew the dreaded 'formality' have replaced it with the hug, the double-cheek kiss, the air kiss, what have you. Perfectly acceptable for those we know and love but how about the people we don't know that well or at all. The new doctor, the politician canvassing your neighbourhood, or come September, your childs new teacher or caregiver?
For those of us, and you can count old Lily in there, who don't want to slap a wet one on everyone they meet, the handshake is the proper way to greet people, male and female, you know slightly and introduce yourself to ones you don't.

Have we forgotten how to give a handshake? Very simple my friends and we can brush up in 5 easy steps, which just so happens to be the perfect segue to our new series, Charm School in 5 (a simple guide to brushing up on the skills that help us be our best in five easy steps).

1. Make sure you are standing close enough to the person so that you can extend your arm and hand comfortably without the fear of over-extending, falling over or on top of them.

2. If seated, always stand up when extending to shake hands.

3. Prepare your hand for contact. If you have been doing anything that has left residue on your hand (eating, working, crafting, etc.), quickly wipe them before you extend your arm and hand (no need to make a big production out of it, the more discreet the better).  If sweaty palms are your issue, try to keep a little handkerchief or tissue in your pocket for a quick wipe.

4. Shake hands with at least one up and down motion but not more than three times, using a firm, friendly grip and then let go. Unless you are greeting your mortal enemy, there is no need to see their eyes bulge out of the sockets before you realize that you are using too much force. On the other end of the spectrum, never offer someone a limp, wilted handshake. It says more about you than you might think and could give off a sense of indifference to the person you are greeting.

5. Make eye contact, show off your pearly whites with a smile and of course, be genuine throughout the course of this interaction.

For a little more on the art of the handshake, please make your way over to one of my daily reads, Being Manly where the ever-so-eloquent Vir Beatum does a little more justice to the topic at hand (and yes, pun intended!).

THE CHARMING HOME: What I Will Be Dreaming of Tonight!

I know I promised to be back on track with our regular roster of style and charm but unfortunately, fate has dealt me a bit of a household disaster (burst pipes, collapsed kitchen ceiling and toxic mold!). On that cheery note, I am trying to keep my spirits up and my blood pressure down by envisioning a dreamier version of the Lemontree kitchen. (Please note, no toxic 'skylights' in any of these lovelies!)

What's in your dream kitchen?

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Have You Missed Me??

No, no I haven't run away or anything like that but I have been missing in action from the internet for the past few days cruising the lovely Southern Ontario countryside.

My husband has been off work for the last week and we have taken the opportunity to take the kiddies on a few mini road trips around Southern Ontario and at the request of my family, I have left my laptop behind. No one needs to be 'plugged-in' at all times (at least, that is what I have been repeating to myself!).
Plus, I have been working on a really exciting new project that will rear its head in September, so my blog (and my blog reading) has suffered this week but I promise to be back on track on Saturday morning! Looking forward to enjoying all your super posts that I have missed!

Hope you have all been enjoying a splendid week!

Easy on a Sunday Morning: Rosebuds, Surfboards....and Our Giveaway Winner!

Hot and humid has been the order of the day around here, so this Sunday morning I thought we could sit out here where the ocean breeze could cool us off a bit!

Not being much of a morning person, my day can only be jump-started by a large cup of hot coffee but sitting out here with you today, I thought we could try something a little more refreshing that will still offer a bit of a kick for us sleepy heads!
I am positive that this post about Organic Lemon Mimosas at Social Couture will hit the spot!

In the 'now I have seen everything' category, Rachel Zoe shines the light on the latest Chanel accessory du jour, the designer surfboard. (I believe I can actually hear Coco turning in her grave!)

Those clever young ladies over at Bon Bon Rose Girls have done it again. Never short on fabulous ideas, they have come up with one heck of a way to bring all of us bloggers a little closer! Their latest brainchild, the BonBon Rose Girls Network, offers all of us a chance to become a part of their social network and get to know each other and our blogs. Click here or the link above to get all the details!

And of course, let's not forget about our Martha Stewart Living giveaway! The lucky winner of a one year subscription to Martha Stewart Living is ............

#21-Housewife Bliss

Congratulations Ms. Bliss!! Please email me with your address and we will get you on the road to all the Martha Stewart inspiration you can handle!
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