Vintage Scarves: Not Just Pretty Scraps of Cloth

Yes, I may be on a little bit of a vintage roll this week but I just can't help it. My love of beautiful vintage fashion is never-ending and I love coming across others who feel the same.
The lovely lady over at FairyFiligree is truly a vintage lover after my own heart and she has been kind enough to put together a wonderful guest post for us on a vintage scarves plus a wonderful giveaway on her Etsy site.
One lucky reader will win a beautiful vintage square scarf, which measures 44cm square. It is a Watersilk polyester scarf, made in Italy. It is a lovely dark pea green colour with daisies all over.

The perfect thing to carry around in your little bag when the evening breeze is just a little bit too fresh for your summer neckline!
Just scroll down to the bottom for the giveaway entry rules (the winner will be announced on Friday, July 16, 2010) and good luck to everyone!
 Don't forget to click on the links to be taken to her blog and her Etsy shop after you finish reading.
Thank you, thank you, thank you FairyFiligree!!

I have always been fascinated with scarves. My mother always adored them and had lots in that pretty old tin box of hers. As a child, I received many from my aunt in Canada but I very rarely wore them and slowly, painstakingly, gave them away. The ones that remained with me, kept to their corner in my drawer of things that I didn’t often wear.
 As I developed a penchant for vintage fashion and jewellery, I started coming across the most colourful and eye-catching scarves during my vintage fashion shopping sprees. Some were very old, some were very quaint, and of these, some I decided to adopt and make my own. Then I realised that they were too pretty to leave in that drawer and placed them somewhere more conspicuous. The right opportunity to break the ice with the scarf came on one of my travels – as I packed, I realised the weather, wherever I was heading to, was not too cold but not too warm. Yet, way too warm for a polo jumper…. But I know that if my neck becomes too cold, then I’m in for a miserable day. So I whizzed out a scarf and took it along. It came in handy – to lay on the head-rest and snooze on; to tie around my neck when it was too chilly; to blot the water off my hands when there was no hand-dryer in the restroom; to rev up that sweater I was wearing once too many; to tie around that bag that was not quite matching with my outfit; ….. there are possibly one million ways of using the scarf.

Certainly, as a vintage shopper I find the scarf is a special boon to any girl’s wardrobe, no matter the size of the scarf, no matter its shape, no matter its design. Nowadays, I like to carry one with me wherever I go and my collection is only made up of vintage exemplars. The latest use for my scarves – conversation starters….. just whisk the scarf off your neck, give it a shaking and wait for the comments…… can’t be any easier believe me.

To earn entries for the giveaway:
Earn 1 entry by becoming a new follower (Let me know if you are already a follower. It will count for 1 entry).
Earn 1 entry by visiting FairyFiligree's Etsy site and letting me which item is your favorite.
Earn 1 entry for mentioning this giveaway in a post on your blog or for placing it in your sidebar.
Earn 1 entry for tweeting about this giveaway or posting a link for the giveaway on Facebook.
You can combine all your entries in one comment.
The winner will be announced on Friday, July 16, 2010.



  1. I am a follower already, lovely post! I love vintage scarves too.
    The Fairy Filigree etsy store has gorgeous vintage bangles and buttons, hard to pick one fave thing~
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. I am a follower and I love the Vintage 80s Scarf - French designer Odile St Germain =) She has a great shop to peruse!

  3. Hi there, I have been a follower - and have your blog listed on blogs to visit on my sidebar - I was not an official follower so now i have added my officially. I popped over to the ETSY store ... what goregeous items ... my fav was the Vintage 70s Black and Red Nylon Slip -Petticoat.

    What a great generous give-away you are hosting. Good to all!! HHL

  4. I'm a brand-spankin'-new follower! And happy to be so. LOVE your blog :)

  5. just adore these, I am a bit of a scarf diva, and just today noticed that darling mini me has caught the bug...walking out in over 110f heat wearing a scarf around her neck...bless her. ... I am with Kyrstal on the 80s scarf...tweeted my darling, and as ever a loyal follower. Hope you are well and enjoying the summer

  6. Hiya,
    I'm already a follower and love the Capri scarf because my husband and I had a gorgeous holiday there 2 years ago.