July's Blog Spotlight: The Entertaining House

One of the very first blogs I found, followed and fell in love with just happens to be this month's blog spotlight, The Entertaining House. The hostess at this fabulous blog is none other than the witty and ever-so-charming EntertainingMom, one of the most talented writers I have ever come across in this vast blogosphere! I know I am always in for a chuckle (and a little education!) every time I visit with her and I have never left this super blog without a smile on my face and notes taken.

Entertaining (of course!), family, style, travel adventures, growing up on Fifth Avenue and prep school stories, are all part of the order of the day. And have I mentioned she comes to us via the chicest lineage you will ever come across? Read about her glamorous grandmother here, here and here,  it's the stuff books are made of (which is on its way as well!).

I have the honour of blog-sitting today at the Entertaining House while the EntertainingMom has taken a little jaunt to Maine, click on any of the links above or in the sidebar under July's Blog Spotlight to be taken directly there!


  1. Love it! Spotted you as a fellow Rosebud--hope you'll follow back!

  2. Headed over to check it out ....

  3. Thanks for guesting for me and for Spotlighting me... you are too sweet. And wayyy too flattering! XOXO

  4. Jessica is just divine, great selection for your spotlight this month.