A Farewell to Marija

As bloggers, we make so many connections with each other. We are a special kind of community that reaches out to each other through comments and emails. Friendships that are nurtured by tweets instead of face to face interaction but also with love and consideration that can only come from one place, regardless of the real or 'virtual' world. That place is the heart and the heart of the blogging community has been pained today as we all hear of the loss of one of our fellow bloggers and for some a dear friend, Marija of Holding Court.

The design blogger, wife, daughter, sister and devoted mother was lost in a car accident on July 10, 2010 as she was returning from Atlanta.
A true loss for the blogging world but a devasting tragedy for her loved ones.
A loving tribute from her husband was posted today at Holding Court, please stop for a moment and leave your condolences there if you are so inclined.


  1. My heart breaks for Marija's entire family ♥

  2. Oh my this is so sad. Yes we do become so connected to one another even through cyber space!

  3. My thoughts go out to Marija's family. Thank you for this post.

  4. Any loss for a family is sad, but one so young & tragic is just too much.

  5. I learned of this yesterday. I did not know of her or her blog until then. What a tragic loss. She was clearly beautiful and talented... I feel terribly for her family.