WORTH A PEEK...Waxing Poetic

When I was young, I was obsessed with family rings. You know the kind I'm talking about, the rings worn by mothers sharing the story of their families with the world, using brightly coloured birthstones instead of words. I was positive that when I grew up and had children, I would be the proud owner of one of these rings.
Many years later, I realized that many of the rings I admired as a young girl were usually quite unappealing, not the sort of item I coveted as an adult.
Also, I came to the conclusion that although I had acquired many beautiful rings, I rarely wear more than my wedding band and engagement ring, a ring that my husband gave me as a gift for our first anniversary and of course, my prized cocktail rings that I slip on my fingers when the occasion calls for something grand and dramatic.
I resigned myself to searching out another way to display my familial pride and I think I have found it with a little help from InStyle magazine and a retailer they featured, Waxing Poetic!
Right there in the pages of one of my regular reads, I came across this write-up.

courtesy of InStyle June 2010

Initially intrigued (no pun intended!) due to my love of insignia rings and anything monogrammed, I quickly checked out the site Waxing Poetic and was delighted with what I saw.

And what did you see dear Lily, you might ask. I saw the perfect solution for someone like me wanting to share a little bit of my family and still have something that reflected my taste.

Adorably dainty charms, displaying an initial or birthstone that can be worn in clusters on a chain or bracelet. I am in love!

How beautiful would it be to string together your family's initials from a chain around your neck or choose the birthstone route, like yours truly, and bunch together your family's dazzling birthstones to create a one of a kind piece.

Gemstones for July (my son) and April (my daughter).

I am even thinking about one of these Greek Society Sorority charms to hang on my charm bracelet. A perfect graduation gift for the college girl in your life!

Since I know you won't be able to resist these little lovelies (a small slice of their selection), click on any of the links to be taken directly to the Waxing Poetic site.


  1. Lily - you have excellent taste as always. I believe that these have been a long time obsession with my friend Julie @ BeingJulia. They are so charming..(well that was clever..lol) and yes, much more fun that a ring. I did not know they had charms for Greek Sororities. Great gift once my daughter goes through rush. Thank you Lily and wishing you a fun-filled Father's Day weekend! xx

  2. What a killer find lady. I absolutely love them! Gotta forward this on to the hubs. : )

  3. What a great find ... the initial charms are such a creative fresh option... Have a great week-end. HHL

  4. Those are great! I will definitely check them out! :)

  5. Wonderful. When my mother became a grandmother - my doing - I started her on a custom charm bracelet, circles with the name and date of each grandchild, and the birthstone for each right below the link. She loves it, and has one now for each of her 11 grandchildren and still counting. Great post, great tradition.

  6. This is exactly the thing I have been looking for! I am headed over to her site now! THANK YOU!

  7. How Charming! I love charms but I love the big baubles that I have inherited from my grandmother. I wear many for "dress up." Unfortunately my pieces are all costume, I eagerly await the real ones to come my way ;)

  8. I have been eying a wax seal charm for the past year with a pearl (my birthstone). Don't you think I should get it? :) I love the bracelet. My dad gave me a stamp when I was very young and I used to seal all my summer letters to my friends. That was when the PO would accept them. Now you have to put the waxed sealed envelope in another envelope and to me, it makes them very special. A few years ago I bought a very detailed stamp with a little oil lamp to keep the flame going long enough to melt the wax stick. After the impression was set I applied silver ink to the stamp and re-stamped the set wax. It was such a pretty effect. Maybe I'll take it out again this summer. :)

    Thank you for the sweet B-day wishes. You're a doll! :) xoxo

  9. LOVE all of those charms, pretty!

  10. Love the monogram necklaces! I found this site before but had forgotten about it, thanks for the reminder!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  11. Super cute! they look pretty strong too. In case one of my amazing kids choose to yank on it. I look forward to reading more of your handy posts!