Easy on a Sunday Morning: Invitations, Totes and...Tape!

I usually don't post much on Sundays, even the good Lord above says we should have one day of rest. But I come across so many images and posts throughout the week that I fall in love with,  I thought I would choose Sundays as the day to share them with you. I promise not to bombard you with too many things.
We will start with a place to linger awhile with our morning coffee, a favourite image or two and a few links. I find when too many links are listed I never get to any, so we will keep it short and sweet.
So grab a cup of whatever tickles your fancy and enjoy!

While I have been having a very grey and rainy weekend in the 'real' world, out here in bloggerland, we can all pull up a chair near this sunny window and smell the sweet roses. Who ever set this table must have been reading my mind! Nothing more inviting than gorgeous flowers everywhere you turn. 

I just love these totes from J. Crew, let's go green in style!

Brunch at Saks is hosting a "Very Happy Birthday Giveaway"

Holly Go Lightly is taking a tour of Christie Brinkley's house and she has invited us to come along.

With the fourth of July around the corner, how cute would your table be with these set out for your guests! Both items available at Hostess Jo.

And since we are on the topic of the fourth of July, a couple of sweet invitations for the patriotic hostess from Tiny Prints

And for the gift wrapping perfectionist, how can you resist this colourful assortment of tape from, who else... Happy Tape

I love this Marina multi-pak!


  1. Gorgeous flowers and fun gift wrap always make my day. I adore that tape!

  2. Thank you for a great Sunday morning post! Made the first cup of coffee a delight.

  3. Oh Lilly, leave it to you to brighten the June Gloom of SoCal this AM! Thank you for your congratulatory wishes on my son's graduation. It was a fun trip and one I am still doing laundry from! ;) I'm glad you liked your little gift. Thank you for the award too. You are such a sweetheart!! :) xoxo

  4. Thanks for showing us such great images and blogs. Have a nice Sunday!

  5. Love tablesetting and those tote from JCrew are too chic!

  6. The first photo is gorgeous, i want a room like that!

  7. Thank you for sharing all these blog treats with us, perfect for a Lazy Sunday!
    Have a marvelous week,

  8. Love that Happy Tape! So fun and unique!

  9. That sunny kitchen is just what I needed to see! It's grey and rainy here today!

  10. I could spend an entire Sunday in that kitchen... not just for my morning coffee. The color and lighting is so uplifting. Love it!