Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Look of the Day: Sharon Stone

A very sophisticated-looking Sharon Stone attending the screening of the film "Behind the Burly Q" at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC is our Look of the Week, an absolute ladylike vision in her double-breasted frock.

We love a monochromatic look (tres chic in our book!) but sometimes a head-to-toe black ensemble can be a little severe on some of us. When feminine touches are added to such a dark, conservative look, like the slight fringe around the collar and sleeve, it seems to soften the outfit, making it a little more wearable, day or evening and not so funeral-like.

The key to pulling off a look such as this, that starts with a relatively simple dress, are fabulous accessories! With such a sedate backdrop, rev up the modest dress with slightly racy pieces.
Ms. Stone plays this game very well, choosing to combine elements considered prim and proper with a very sensual twist, like the formal opera length gloves in cool black leather or the elongated suede clutch with just a touch of edgy reptile skin.

Racy fishnets with a demure Mary Jane curved heel, tres sexy without looking trashy!

What do you think of Sharon Stone's Look of the Day?


Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

LOVE it!!!!!!!!! So classy!!!! I feel like maybe SOMETHING should have color though. Maybe her bag? She looks great though!

Suburban Princess said...

Considering the event, I think she looks perfect! Not my style but she looks amazing! I have always loved her look - when she has short hair I have short hair lol...I guess I need to grow my hair out again!

Melanie's Randomness said...

I think she looks great. Very classic & put together. I wear alot of black myself so I would totally try to do this too!! hehe

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

She is one classy lady. I attended an art gallery opening, in New Orleans, she also has a home there.
I was in the parking lot having a smoke, and she just drove up, got out, hiked up her dress, adjusted her slip underneath, and walked by me. As she walked by me she said, look for lines, any lines? I said no maam. Later in the night I was leaving the bathroom, and she asked me for a cigarette, I just gave it to her and never said a word otherwise. She was very down to earth. She pays for a home in New Orleans for starving artists, and apparently romps the younger ones!

Trish said...

A+++++ from me! Love the boots and high gloves, very sexy and classy. LOVING Bumpkin's story above!! :)

Joanne Angelina said...

I agree, its very classy on her...and great pictures from the previous post on Harper's Bazaar, can't wait to pick up a copy..and to see her in Iron Man 2! Take care!

Persis Shah said...

she looks GORGEOUS as ever! doesn't she age like the rest of us? love how she workd those fishnet stockings...great images!


The Red Velvet Shoe said...

This is stellar~~modern & trendy without trying to be 21 ... and who would want to be anyway? Well done, Ms. Stone!

Belle Vie said...

This is a stunning ensemble! She is wearing two of my favourite items in my closet ~ opera gloves and fishnet stockings (paired with a pencil skirt).
Wishing you a week filled with beauty.
xoxo, B