Friday, April 30, 2010

THE MODERN MUSE: Christy Turlington

"I love fashion, but I'm not obsessed with it."

Just to prove that we are not all about frivolity and fluff around here, today's style inspiration is a woman of substance and she happens to look fabulous all while trying to make the world a better place.

In the world of fashion models and beautiful people, there a select few that ever reach the pinnacle of the catwalk and land the title of supermodel. Christy Turlington is one of the original 'Super Models', a term coined to refer to a group of the most popular and highest paid models in the '90's, which included Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Naomi Campbell to name a few.

A maternal health advocate for CARE and an outspoken proponent of Lung Cancer Awareness, she can also be seen as a guest correspondent for the Today Show who has travelled to Afghanistan to report on UNICEF's 'Back to School Campaign' and India to interview the Dalai Lama about the injustices of war.
And as if her plate is not already on the full side, she is in the process of acquiring her masters degree in public health at Columbia University.

Ms. Turlington is a woman who holds many titles and continues to look just as fantastic as she did when she ruled the runways

Born on January 2,1969 in Walnut Creek, California, she currently resides in NYC with her husband and two children.

Mrs. Turlington Burns, as she prefers to be known, (she is married to the actor, Edward Burns) seems to have the model chic look down to an art. She has eschewed the spotlight and paparazzi for a more sedate and somewhat private existence. She dresses for that life in simple classic pieces pared with minimal but eye-catching accessories that complete her polished look.

Another instance where she revs up her outfit (a gorgeous LBD in its own right) with the placement of a couple of strategic accessories. Love the wide bracelet cuff  and bows on her ankle-strap shoes!

Strolling the streets of NYC in a casual blazer (pared with a similar hued scarf) and jeans, the look doesn't 'say stare at me' but how could you not be drawn to look at that lovely face (and that large gorgeous red tote, might I add!)

During her pregnancies, she stuck to the classics, punching up the pieces like this white tunic shirt with subtle details like the extra-long flared sleeve.

 It is near impossible to find many pictures of her posing without her husband, which isn't neccesarily a bad thing since Edward Burns is a handful of eye candy in his own right, always the "perfect accessory" for the stylish woman (sorry boys, I had to say it!).

Monday, April 26, 2010


Take a peek into any great host or hostess' home and you will always find one somewhere. In a living room corner, up against a wall in the dining room or a strategically placed tray tucked into a bookshelf or placed on a countertop.

I speak of the bar cart, a key piece for the host or hostess who wants to be prepared for anything.

As we all know, every once in awhile, the inevitable will happen. The phone will ring, the doorbell will ding-dong and you will find yourself with a surprise guest that you were not anticipating.

The consumate hostess would never fret over last minute entertaining! Her home will be neat and tidy (or at least easily disguised in a wink!), a stash of tasty edibles will be waiting to be popped in the oven and with one of these little babies, a fresh drink will be within reach to greet her guests.

Even in the smallest of homes, a well-stocked bar tray can find a place anywhere, like this bookcase for example.

You needn't go over the top when starting to gather your bar essentials. Start with a few basic spirits (gin, rum, scotch, rye, vodka, tequila) and continue to add different bottles every time you come across a new drink to add to your repetoire. A chic ice bucket, a snazzy seltzer bottle, some bartending instruments (corkscrew, bottle opener, a jigger, a cocktail shaker)  and a few mixers (bitters, tonic water, club soda, orange, grapefruit and cranberry juice) and you are well on your way to being a well-prepared hostess!

Click on these links below for some great posts about bar basics and not-so-basics!

And of course, a few wise words about the well stocked bar cart from the consummate hostess herself, Martha Stewart

Sunday, April 25, 2010

On the Cover: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson at Harper's Bazaar

I will be honest, up until recently I had no idea who these two were. I mean, I don't live under a rock or anything, I know they starred in that Twilight movie (which I have not seen) and I have been led to believe that they are pretty popular with the tweens, teens and twenty-somethings but as to whether I could pick them out in a line-up of some sort, I would have to pass.
One thing I do know is that I love a bit of glamour in a photo shoot and Miss Stewart and Mr. Pattinson definitely hit that note when they graced the pages of Harper's Bazaar (December 2009).

All images courtesy of Harper's Bazaar (December 2009) and Mark Seliger

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Style Icon: 'Blair Waldorf'

Today's fabulous guest post on style icons comes to us from across the big pond, jolly Old England to be exact! A daily stop on my blogroll, Metropolitan Mum, who cheekily refers to herself as a "freshly baked London mum, blogging about her bumpy ride into motherhood"  tells her tales of travel, fashion, food, going back to school  and all the best London has to offer.

Click on any of the links above or here to be taken to her blog right after you finish reading her fantastic post on her style icon, Gossip Girls resident socialite, Blair Waldorf!
Many, many thanks to Metropolitan Mum!

The beauty of choosing a fictional style icon: not only does my icon come with the breathtakingly good looks of the very real Leighton Meester, but also her style is always unfaultable, impeccable, flawless.

Blair Waldorf doesn’t do chipped nails, unruly hair or, mind you, tracksuit bottoms. Blair Waldorf is unfailingly fictional. And as such, she’ll never let me down.

Her style – college girl with a subtle sexiness to it. Always preppy, never vulgar.

Her hair – always shiny and coiffed. You can almost smell the
whiff of her 30-bucks-a-bottle shampoo.

Her posture and her composure, together with her Queen B attitude, make her so admirable for me. Her lines never cease to amuse me.

“Pathetic! Suburban moralists in mom jeans. I'd pity them if I wasn't worried they'd spill orange soda on my Christian Louboutins.”

Blair Waldorf is the mean girl I sometimes wish I had in me.

All images courtesy of Metropolitan Mum

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Look of the Day: Sharon Stone

A very sophisticated-looking Sharon Stone attending the screening of the film "Behind the Burly Q" at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC is our Look of the Week, an absolute ladylike vision in her double-breasted frock.

We love a monochromatic look (tres chic in our book!) but sometimes a head-to-toe black ensemble can be a little severe on some of us. When feminine touches are added to such a dark, conservative look, like the slight fringe around the collar and sleeve, it seems to soften the outfit, making it a little more wearable, day or evening and not so funeral-like.

The key to pulling off a look such as this, that starts with a relatively simple dress, are fabulous accessories! With such a sedate backdrop, rev up the modest dress with slightly racy pieces.
Ms. Stone plays this game very well, choosing to combine elements considered prim and proper with a very sensual twist, like the formal opera length gloves in cool black leather or the elongated suede clutch with just a touch of edgy reptile skin.

Racy fishnets with a demure Mary Jane curved heel, tres sexy without looking trashy!

What do you think of Sharon Stone's Look of the Day?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

On the Cover: Gwyneth Paltrow at Harper's Bazaar

Our own modern day version of Grace Kelly graced the pages of Harper's Bazaar in their latest issue (May 2010). Ms. Paltrow looks right at home in this photo shoot, no one does glamour and high society like her, its just part of her make-up. Can you tell I am a big fan???

All images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar (May 2010) and Alexi Lubomirski