February's Blog Spotlight-Man of the 50s

Fret not dear friends, chivalry is not dead and the true gentleman is alive and well and living in the Mid-West. How do I know, you ask???
All you have to do is visit James at Man of the 50s to know that I am not steering you wrong.
His reflections on society's civility (and unfortunately, lack there of) are very amusing, eloquently put and from the heart. My visits to him have absolutely become part of my daily routine and should be for you as well! He humorously restores my faith in everyones ability to display courteous and considerate behaviour in our daily lives even though many out there choose not to.
And if that is not enough for you, he posts pictures of the cutest little gentlemen (and the snappiest of dressers, I might add!) you have ever seen. You know what they say, like grandfather, like grandsons!
Click on the link here or above to be taken directly to his blog and while you are at it, James was an honoured guest over at Social Climbers last week. Check out his interview with Beth here.


  1. I will check it out!!
    Have a wonderful day.....

  2. Thanks for sendimg to james' blog, lovely manners this man has! Happy monday! x LZ

  3. What a delightful surprise! I was blushing as I read your post, you are too kind. I especially appreciate your wonderful comments about the "Little Rat Pack". Again too kind. When of the best things to come from blogging has been learning that people like you are out there. Upholders of dignity, style and gracious living. So for that and this post, I thank you.

  4. It was my absolute pleasure, James. Horrible of me to have kept you to myself for so long!

  5. Oh, you're so right...chivalry is not dead! Thank goodness!! :)

  6. Heading over there now, I need a bit of this today!

  7. Bonjour Lily,
    I've met James and totally agree how wonderful he and his blog are to visit. Such a great idea to highlight deserving bloggers.
    Have a fabulous week!

  8. Great suggestion! Hopped over there as soon as I read your post, he is the epitome of a true gentleman-MS