The Traditional Gift Guide-What to Get The One You Love

I am always on the look out for ways to make my life easier. Being without a personal assistant or secretary (which by the way would be just about the best present I could ever get-note to husband if you're reading!!!), it is difficult to streamline certain aspects of your life, while keeping your style and savoir-faire. Gift-giving has always been one of those areas for me. Around the holidays, I would drive myself bananas thinking about what to get for all the people on my gift list. A potential trip to the insane asylum really squeezes the fun out of gift-giving.

The same applied to the weeks approaching my anniversary. I am trying not to brag but I have a great husband. Since I am told that I can be a little demanding and hard to live with at times (absolute hearsay I tell you but I will roll with it for this post!), I try to do a really good job at picking great gifts for him, like a little extra appreciation for having to put up with my craziness. He really deserves the best and topping the 'best' year after year is not the easiest task. Right before my third anniversary, I came across a traditional anniversary gift guide and since I was stumped as to what I was going to get my husband that year, I decided to use the guide as my starting point.
The third anniversary is traditionally the 'leather' anniversary and since my husbands wallet was on its last leg, I decided to go with a beautiful leather wallet that I had monogramed with his initials on the inside. It was one of the easiest gifts I had ever purchased and he absolutely loved it. Since it worked so well, I used the same theme of leather for his birthday (a new briefcase) and Christmas (a leather jacket) that year. I have been using the guide ever since and it has never failed me as a starting point for inspiration. I have strayed from it on a few occasions, if I have the feeling my husband wants something in particular but I always go back to it, it's so much easier to find the best of what you are looking for if you know what you want to find!

You can use the guide exactly as it was originally listed, or use your creativity and modernize the guide as loosely as you like. I found a great article on the site Hitched that gives you some excellent suggestions for a modern take on the gift guide. I love the little extra suggestions at the bottom of each section that zeros in on a more masculine take on the guide.

Please post a comment and tell us what you do to make your holiday gift-giving go smoothly??


  1. Hey honey, I have an award for you over at my blog! Kori xoxo

  2. I think you may be ahead of me on this one! Last year rather than driving myself crazy with gifts, I adopted a theme and ran with it. For my son {in college} I went with a car washing them ~ he is a neat freak {NO idea where he gets it from!} and insists his car is always clean. I bought him a large sturdy tub and put all the items needed to clean his SUV. For my daughter who had recently stated that she was in dire need of "hair stuff", I bought an adorable fabric lined basket and filled it with hair products, brushes, and hair goodies galore. These themes were not cheap but I knew they would use them. They have already given hints for this year. I guess I'd better get busy!


  3. Jo-I think you have just given me a new idea! My children are still little, so all they want are toys, toys and more toys but I think when they get a little older, I definitely will try your suggestion. I start my shopping early but I always find that it starts to drag on when I have no idea what to get the people on my list(especially when you have a large list like I do). This way I will be somewhat prepared when I head out!