Look of The Day: Sandra Bullock

This week's pick was an easy one for Giorgena and I. There was very little of our usual back and forth critique, Sandra Bullock was our winner, hands down! Giorgena said "You know I wasn't too crazy about Sandra Bullock in the past but I've noticed lately that I like her. I'm even interested in seeing this new football movie she's in. After careful review, Sandra Bullock is absolutely my first and only choice for LOW".
Sandra looked absolutely lovely at the New York premiere for her new movie, The Blind Side. Her choice of a simple gold clutch, a bangle and hoop earrings is understated yet so refined. The absence of any neck jewellery only emphasizes one of the most neglected erogenous zones, the collarbone. I love the asymmetrical shoulder and the feathery(?) ruffles peeking out from the straps. This retro-styled version of the little black dress evokes a feeling of old Hollywood glamour for me! The fitted drape of the dress gives us just a hint of sexiness, nothing overt and in your face but there is no way you could miss this lady!
Now since we are speaking of old Hollywood glamour, I must send out some blog love to one of my fav blogs, Blonde Episodes. Kori never disappoints with great pics and fabulously interesting stories of some of the most stunning leading ladies of the past and present silver screen. A must-visit for anyone interested in glamour, vintage Hollywood and the cinema!

What do you think of Sandra Bullock's 'Look of the Day'??


  1. First of all, this dress is gorgeous! We must be on the same wave length, because I almost did a post on Sandra Bullock this week. Thank you, thank you, thank you for acknowledging me in the link for the look of the week girlie. I am so honored and really appreciate it! I'm glad you love the blog. I actually just added you to my blogroll today too! Have a great night honey. Kori xoxo

  2. She does look great! I feel like she had a rough couple of years, but she looks so pretty! Very classic and not "overdone".