Look Of The Day: Jennifer Aniston

Giorgena and I had such a kick last week doing our look of the day, that we have decided to do it as a regular feature.

We decided that our 'prestigious' award goes to Jennifer Aniston who always looks fantastic but this week she shines in this rather conservative mini dress and knee-high suede boots. The leather jacket with the ruffle trim gives the look a trendier edge. (Big fall trend on the ruffled jacket, leather or otherwise)
 Giorgena said "This is the way I wish I could make my appearances to just about anywhere. She looks fantastic." I couldn't agree with her more, I just love that All-American sexy girl look,  always showcasing her killer body in a very subtle way. This is the way to do sexy-a simple, no-fuss style which highlights one part of the body at a time, a classic Jennifer Aniston look.
Ms. Aniston probably wears more black than anyone I have ever come across but somehow she always manages to make it look fresh and sexy. A skirt as short as this one on a woman over 40 is usually not my favourite look but this lady has killer legs and she has smartly paired her short skirt with black opaque tights (another hot trend this season!) which still shows off those gams but in a not so obvious (or should I say trashy) way.
What do you think of Jennifer Aniston's look of the day??


  1. Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Aniston, especially her hair! It's too long and flat without any style. Having said that, I do like the short skirt and tights look and it suits her cause she's thin- then again she's never had any kids!

  2. I agree-those babies really do a number on the body but they are so cute, how can you resist them!

  3. I love this look, especially the leather jacket-MS