Look of The Day: Claire Danes

I could have been doing something a little more productive this morning (like laundry, cleaning, dusting, you know all that 'fun' stuff) but I was lucky enough to catch my good friend Giorgena S. on the phone so that we could discuss more pressing matters like who looked great this week and what we would buy if we didn't have mortgages to pay!

Quite a boring week in celebrity fashion sightings, both of us decided we could have spent our imaginary millions much more wisely then the rich and famous did this first week of November. We concluded though that Claire Danes took the prize this week with this navy, embroidered Oscar De La Renta dress and silver Judith Leiber clutch.
Giorgena said "Smart, nice outfit. I like it. It's nothing that will stop traffic but everything about it is right. Something must be said about perfect tailoring here."
I absolutely agree that there is nothing offensive at all about this ourfit, the dress is pretty, the shoes compliment her frock appropriately and I always love the black and white colour combination. I think what pushed her past all the others this week was the fact that this dress looked like it was made for her.  It reallys makes a difference to your final look to have something nipped in a bit here or let out a smidge there, giving a custom look to almost anything you buy off the rack. Even common folk like ourselves can afford a good seamstress who will do wonders with our wardrobes. Every thing I have ever read about women of style leads me to believe that the truly chic hold their seamstresses closer to their hearts than some of their husbands!

What do what you think of Claire Danes' "Look of the Day"?


  1. It's nice to see that not all celebs want to bust out of their outfits.

  2. There's a good mix of sensible and stylish.