The Art of the Glove In The Age of H1N1

It's everywhere you turn. Swine flu, vaccinations, H1N1, priority clinics. It is hard enough trying to decide what is the best way to protect your kiddies, let alone think about your own safety. Keeping your hands clean is one of your best defenses they say. Those hand sanitizers everyone carries around are great for ridding yourself of bacteria but not so great with killing viruses, like the H1N1, they say. Wash your hands with warm soapy water they say. But what if you are no where near a sink and some soap, do you avoid touching anthing and everything?? Shopping carts, door handles, the ATM, what does one do when they are out and about?
There is just so much you can do with an elbow or a foot, believe me I have tried. (I was the butt of some teenager's joke at the mall a few days ago when I was trying to push a stroller and myself through a set of doors using my forearm, elbow and my left foot) When I regained my 'cool', away from those laughing, pimpley adolescents, I did briefly entertain the idea of carrying around a pair of latex gloves for just these situations but I quickly came to my senses. Asides from looking like one of those cuckoos walking around in public with those hospital face masks on (yes, I have seen a few), latex can really bring down your style quotient. What is a girl to do who still wants to look chic while trying not to get contaminated??
As I strolled the mall, I happened to find myself in front of the window display of Club Monaco when it hit me. Staring me right in the face was the answer to my question, a pair of gloves. A beautiful suede, ruched pair that stopped about mid-forearm (referred to as elbow length). I ran in and tried them on and noticed how much nicer my outfit looked with the gloves on. I wasn't wearing anything special but there was something about the gloves, they made whatever I had thrown on look complete.
I have always loved the glove, the glove of yesterday, the kind of glove that used to grace the hands of all women, regardless of station or upbringing.

I was reminded of an article I had read about the history of the glove and one of the reasons that gloves came into fashion favor in the 18th century were to protect the hands from dirt and germs (you can add viruses to that list!). They didn't bathe a whole lot back then and they seemed to have been very creative when it came to keeping yourself somewhat clean (or at least masking the uncleanliness!) without the actual use of soap and water.

Jacqueline Kennedy

The glove continued to gain popularity throughout the next two centuries (especially during the height of Christian Dior's New Look) until the mid 1960's. Most women wouldn't be caught dead outside of their homes without a pair of gloves that complimented their outfit.

Doris Day

For some reason they fell out of favor with the young and fashionable during the decade of love and freedom (I am all for love and freedom but what did the poor little glove ever do to them??).

Grace Kelly

I love the way a fine pair of gloves completes an outfit and I yearn for the days when donning a pair of gloves outside of the winter season didn't bring about stares like you were an alien. With the weather getting colder, it is the perfect time to run out and grab yourself a pair. They are everywhere and at every price point, but to truely get the look you should try to invest in a crisp, fitted glove made of kid leather. These can be a little pricey but well worth the investment. The more expensive ones are usually made of better leather and therefore hold their shape a lot longer. Any colour will do but its always a good bet to start off with a basic (black, brown or if you are really careful a winter white or cream). Length of the glove is again a personal preference  but I just love the look of an elbow length glove with all the chic jackets and coats that are out there this season sporting a 3/4 length sleeve! Try it out with any outfit (well maybe not sweats and trainers but you shouldn't be out and about in those clothes anyway!) and I guarantee you will see the difference and love it.
As I was cruising the web looking for some fabulous images and interesting information on the glove, I came across a great post (and one of my new favourite blogs by the way!) from the very entertaining Merriam at Bygone Brillance. She has some great images to go along with her fab post that just proves our point that style and the glove go hand in hand (sorry, I just couldn't help it), so please click on the link and check it out.

I am on a mission to bring the glove back to its former glory and I know there are a lot of you out there that feel the same. Please post your thoughts!


  1. I love fancy gloves! Great post. xoxo


  2. If any good comes out of this new pandemic, it'll be the return of the glove.

  3. I love gloves. I wear them in the winter all the time but any other season people look at you weird(face mask, latex glove weird).

  4. Gloves are so chic!-MS