A TRIP DOWN THE AISLE :: Ivanka Trump Makes a Perfect Choice!

I am not a big fan of 'the Donald' so I don't usually pay very much heed to anything with his name attached to it but I got an email today from my friend Giorgena S. who was thoughtful enough to bring this beautiful dress to my attention.
Ivanka Trump got married on Sunday in this gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dress inspired by Grace Kelly. I must agree with my friend that it is so refreshing to see a celebrity (okay pseudo-celebrity) choosing a wedding dress, or any dress for that matter, that while conservative by modern Hollywood standards, still looks stylish and glamourous. Since the dress didn't hog the spotlight by exposing butt cleavage or hoisting the brides tata's to centre stage, you could focus on the bride's pretty face (never really noticed before) and how genuinely happy she looked.
We should pray that we see more of this graceful elegance in Hollywood (and everywhere else for that matter!) but I won't hold my breath.
That would mean everyone would have to start wearing underwear and stop exposing their bits and pieces and then where would we be?!?!
What do you think of Ivanka Trump's dress?


  1. stunning! who is that dude? did she make him sign a pre-nup I wonder? LOL

  2. She did look beautiful and oh so happy, let's hope it lasts! Thank you for your sweet comments doll. Have a marvelous Thursday. Kori xoxo