Friday, March 11, 2016

HOME TOURS: Ronald Reagan's Former Pacific Palisades Home

With the passing of the former First Lady Nancy Reagan earlier this week, there has been a renewed interest in the life and times of the wife, mother, actress and style icon, born Anne Frances Robbins. A lover of refinement and haute couture, she was the driving force behind the return of 'Kennedy-style' glamour and charm to the White House after years of casual informality (this book gives you a birds-eye view at how she kicked it up a few notches on the entertaining level at the White House during the Reagan years). I was eager to take a peek at the home she once shared with her beloved Ronnie before they left the Pacific shores for Capitol Hill in 1981. (I always thought she was kind of like the west coast version of Jackie Kennedy)
And as it is with social media, the old 'ask and you shall receive' came to fruition this morning, when a question to a friend as to Mrs. Reagan's decor instinct was returned with a story, link and pictures!
Thank you Karen!

The few photos I have seen of their actual home look just like I expected, polished and refined just like Mrs. Reagan herself. 

I've never actually seen a picture of the Reagan's looking at each other and not smiling! Their love for each other was truly inspirational!

The Reagan home, the epitome of mid-century laid-back Hollywood style, was raised years ago and in its place stands the current 10,000 square-foot home that stands in its place, which happens to be on the market today for a cool 33 million!
Definitely a beautiful home but I think I prefer the original!

To take a better look at the current home on the property and for more information on its current listing, click on the link here.

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