Friday, November 9, 2012

TRENDS F/W 2012: All 'Puffed' Up and Ready To Go

Living where I do, there are a few winter essentials that I would never want to do without, the puffer jacket being at the very top of that list. While woolly sweaters, cozy boots and gloves do help to fight the chill, nothing will keep you toasty warm like the puffer (or padded) jacket and as luck would have it, it happens to be one of the fall/winter season's top trends!
Now, I know what you are saying-trendy and stylish, comfort and purpose all in one, Lily can it really be? Yes my friends, this season even those of us who can't sashay through the next few months in cropped pants and  peep-toe platform sandals or skip the few steps from our waiting limo into an awards gala, can still look fabulously on trend and keep our appendages from turning blue with frostbite!

Grant it, it does take a smidgen of work to stay chic in an item that has the potential to make you look like a stuffed Sasquatch but a little bit of time well spent before your purchase will keep you looking cool (and staying warm!) from Park City all the way to Anchorage!

Just like finding the right pair of jeans is a matter of trial and error, so to is the quest to find the puffer coat best suited to you. The tall and lanky gazelles out there that seem to have won the genetic lottery have free range here, being able to stretch out the puffer's bulkiness on their longer frames. Shorter gals, like yours truly, should keep their distance from full-length puffers (just too overwhelming for smaller frames) and aim for a jacket that falls anywhere from the hip to the mid-thigh (also know as parka length) or has a cinched-in waist courtesy of all the belted jackets out there.

Puffer coats are made for the cold weather and therefore, are specifically designed to keep the cold out and the warmth in. Puffers can be stuffed with either natural down or synthetic materials which helps to gage their insulation category or warmth factor (and in turn, also determines their price). That said, there really should be no need to go overboard with the bulky layers you are wearing underneath unless you are trekking through the Himalayas. Keep your layers thin and as close to the body as possible to avoid extra heaviness.

Balance is key when working with a piece that can add extra bulk on top so stick to bottoms that have a narrow or skinny cut. Nothing will blow proportion balance and make you look as wide as the Pillsbury Doughboy like a heavy wide leg trouser anchoring an already bulkier top.

And lastly, if blending into the gaggle of black puffers that circulate in your neighbourhood (and from a quick peek above, the neighbourhoods of Hollywood) is just not your thing, this season's padded jackets are all over the colour scale. From pale pinks and bright citrus to jewelled cobalts and non-black neutrals, let your signature style shine through by picking a jacket in a shade that tickles your fancy!

Click through the slideshow to take a peek at some of our favourites!


JMW said...

I like the one that Jen Aniston is sporting - I have a white one very similar to it. I also love the one from J. Crew in the slide show. I'm only 5'2, so like you said, I have to steer clear of the extra long poofy ones!

Lily Lemontree said...

you have me beat by an inch! I tried one of the longer ones recently just for kicks and I looked as wide as I am tall! I do love the parka length for a longer look though, works perfectly for the vertically challenged! :)

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Loving that green coat!

Alexa said...

Jennifer looks so cute. Always does.

Daisy Nguyen said...

LOVE those coats, but I've always had a hard time wearing them, as I feel fat!

-Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

Punctuation Mark said...

Even in a puffer jacket j Anniston looks good... Haha!