Thursday, August 30, 2012

Staying Chic During the Dog Days of Summer...with Anya Sarre

The last days of August are slipping away from us but Mother Nature doesn't seem to be quite done with summer just yet. With Labor Day right around the corner, many will begin switching out their summer wardrobes for heavier fall pieces but with warm temps in the forecast for September, the 'dress' is still your best bet to keep you stylishly cool.
Celebrity stylist Anya Sarre tells us why her dresses aren't ready for hibernation just yet!

Enchanting Summer Dresses You Don’t Want to Miss Out On
Stepping into the evenings of the summer dressed in one of the beautifully cut skirts, summer dresses, and Capri shorts is a great way to take control over your personal style and make a statement.  Making a statement about yourself through the way you dress will help you to overcome any bashful tendencies and gain more confidence and boldness.  The way a young woman looks and how she dresses can drastically change her self-esteem if she takes a few minutes each day to piece together a brilliant outfit that will enhance her best physical features and show off her natural beauty.

Dazzling Cocktail Dresses for Late Night Dinners and Parties
Silk tank dresses are the latest releases in superbly styled cocktail dress.  Every young woman should have a cocktail dress tucked neatly away in her closet so she will be prepared for dinner, dancing, or a late night party at the spur of the moment.   
Pairing silk tank cocktail dresses with strappy high heels that glitter and have a fierce-looking heel is a sure way to enter any party and command immediate attention from everyone in the room!  Ruffled mini dresses in satin and mini wrap dresses are also lovely ideas to spice up your wardrobe this summer.  Investing in a handful of quality shoes that can be worn with dressy or casual dresses or outfits is wise to help you complete the look of the entire outfit.

Fun Summer Days in Beautiful Casual Clothing
If you simply love dresses and adore showing off your long expanse of tanned summer legs, packing your closets with new dresses is something to consider.  Not every dress you purchase has to cost more than the car in your driveway.  Affordable dresses, shoes, handbags, and accessories can often be purchased at discount prices when you take advantage of online sales.
Summer casual clothing is something that every woman should have so she looks fresh and beautiful even on the most casual of daytime dates.  Spaghetti strap maxi dresses, fun and comfortable sandals with a chunk heel, and bohemian t-shirt dresses are perfect for casual occasions.

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Daisy Nguyen said...

I agree that dresses are the way to go in these final days of summer! And the cooler nights- I just throw on a shawl.
-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog: