Thursday, April 5, 2012

Notable Notes ~ April 2012

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The month of April always comes with a sigh of relief for me.
Even though Mother Nature has a way of playing some crazy games with us, at the hint of the first April Fool's trick, I know we can start waving goodbye to the worst of the winter. Add to that all the gorgeous pastels shades floating across the pages of the glossies lately and I am convinced that spring is here!
What do you have on your agenda this month?

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Victoria said...

Highlight of my agenda is moving into our new home next week! Hooray at last!

JMW said...

Who knew that April was a month of such momentous events?? I love this time of year - gorgeous flowers and we're heading into the spring racing season which means Derby is right around the corner!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

My mama's birthday is in April–it was such fun getting her gift together and shipping it out this week!

Tabitha said...

A 50th birthday party abroad, then I just want a few weeks at home tending home and hearth.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Second Hand Rose said...

Wow April is one hell of a busy month! XxxX

Clara Turbay said...

Great and interesting!

California Girl said...

What a fun calendar. And it's all over the map.


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