Monday, April 23, 2012

THE MODERN MUSE: Coral, Tortoise and Meghan Draper

Mad Men fans (yours truly included in that bunch) were taken on a wild ride last night. A movie theatre 'adventure' and a little LSD amongst friends were jaw dropping moments to say the least but it was the vignette with Don Draper and his young bride Meghan, played by Jessica Pare, that had me riveted! Without going into spoiler mode (just hate that when the episode is so fresh!), the state of the Draper marriage (still in its infant stage) has started to show signs of tiny fissures of unhappiness.

But my oh my, did Meghan Draper not look fabulous while making a heated statement to her husband that  the sum of her stunningly dressed parts make up a more intricate individual than he might be prepared for and definitely one that could never be content as a one-dimensional Mrs. Don Draper.

Coral just screams 'spring' to me (great hue for practically anyone's wardrobe) and frankly I am really digging the matching purse/shoe look lately. It has been such an avoided sartorial route for so long, that I find it very refreshing, even slightly edgy to sport a look that the mass majority passes on.
What do you think of Meghan Draper's look?

Mad Men Style: Meghan Draper 5.06


Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

love love love it and that bag!
Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

Soigne1908 said...

Very tasteful. It gives me ideas on what I want to do this summer.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Anastasia,

She lookes very poised and I love her shoe and bag combination. That always has been my favorite, regardless what the 'fashionworld' dictates. Also her heel size I prefer. While working as an international consultant I often got to visit within a short period several couture boutiques in e.g. Melbourne, Australia, Montréal, México City, Jakarta, Singapore, Johannesburg South Africa, San Francisco... And even after having studied fashion for my formal education, I learned that what is being dictated is only to spur the impulsive buyers for buying so-called trends. It just depends where you are and even the northern hemisphere, compared to the southern hemisphere shows complete opposites at ANY given time.
I follow strictly my own instinct and budget...
Love to you,


Etheline said...

Great color scheme. It's a favorite of mine as Im a fair skinned gal. Love the Mad Men dish too...I waited so long for season 5 only for it to come back on after we left for Colombia. :(

Victoria said...

Great Mad Men yesterday evening. Already looking forward to next week's episode to see what happens next in the Draper's marriage. Meghan is fabulous and stylish and great to see her holding her own. Not sure I would wear the coral colour, but a little splash here and there my work for me.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I'm squealing–can't wait to see this episode! I must say, I just love Meghan's wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

Oh I wanted to buy it lock stock and barrel.