Friday, December 24, 2010

The Last Minute Holiday Scramble

I hate to have to admit it but I forgot someone. Started Christmas shopping early this year and I thought I had finished early but dropping the ball as I have, I must trek out today and pick up one last little item. Not too much to worry about I thought originally as my favorite go-to gift is stationery and there is a adorable stationery shop not to far from here. As my luck would have it though, the adorable lady who owns the adorable stationery shop thought it would be a good idea to close at noon today!
I come to you my friends to pick your holiday brains, what is your go-to gift for a last minute addition??


Town and Country Mom said...

Oh, dear! Is there a grocery nearby with a gourmet section where you could pull something together? Antiques shops usually aren't too crowded today, or do you have a lovely little sterling something tucked in a cupboard that you could polish up and offer as the start of a collection? I have done this with a napkin ring before, and the recipient was delighted when I told her that I also collected napkin rings, and that I thought she would enjoy collecting as well. (I didn't, of course, tell her that it came from my collection. I think I said something like "when I saw this, I just thought of you," which was true! (Never mind that I couldn't stop thinking about her since I didn't have a gift for her and was down to the wire!) Good luck, Lily! Merry Christmas!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

How about a lovely floral arrangement in a vintage container?
my fallback is always luxury soaps....or beeswax candles.

Good luck!

Suburban Princess said...

Oh no!! Who closes at noon on Christmas eve?!!?!?

Go to the grocery store and buy a gift card if all else fails.