Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My son has been under the weather the past week and a half, which has meant that I have spent a few too many sleepless nights as of late. Obviously, the main reason that the sandman has been staying away is that he wakes up a few times throughout the night wanting to wipe his nose or for a glass of water, etc. but also because I have been sleeping on a very uncomfortable air mattress in his room. Yes, I am one of those mothers, the slightly paranoid type that needs to make sure his laboured breathing is just from a stuffy nose and nothing else, all that silly stuff moms think about when their child is sick and they themselves are light-headed from sleep deprivation.

Now, just so that you don't get the wrong idea, this is not a 'poor me' post, I am going somewhere with this, albeit our road to the meat of the matter might take a slightly winding road today.
As I laid down on my makeshift bed last night, I thought how lucky I was that there was enough space in his room for my air mattress. His room is small and with all the other things little boys need in their bedrooms to make it their 'space', it doesn't leave much room for anything extra. As I laid there looking around his room, I thought back to the first time we had walked through our house, when another family called it their home. I remember thinking how much smaller I thought this room was (I believe I had referred to it as an extra linen closet!) and as I was trying to figure out why it so much larger now, I remembered that the previous family had a double bed in there for their 4 year old, as opposed to my sons twin bed.

As my mind started to wander, I realized that almost everyone I know has their children sleeping in a double bed (could it be, just maybe, another way we force too many aspects of adulthood onto our young children??). I couldn't help thinking about the poor old twin bed and how it fell out of favor.
I have always had a fondness for the twin bed. Maybe I am harking back to a time when even adults slept in twin beds (okay maybe it was only in the TV land bedrooms of the Ricky Ricardo's, the Rob Petrie's and the Fred Flintstones!) or maybe I am reminiscing about my own childhood bedroom complete with not one but two twin beds, there just in case my little brother needed to escape from the under-the-bed monsters in his own room.
What ever the reason may be, I love the twin bed!

Am I alone in my love of the twin bed?
What do you think about the twin bed? Love it or not so much?


JMW said...

Poor little guy - hope he's feeling better soon! Believe me, if I had the space in the kids' rooms, I'd probably sleep in there while they're sick, too. I had a twin bed - both at home and at college - until I was well into my 20s. It's an antique bed that my daughter now sleeps in. My son sleeps in an antique bed that belonged to Hubby's grandparents. It's a double, but, heck, why pay for a new bed when you have a perfectly fine one at your disposal? Love the images of the twin beds - just lovely!

Anonymous said...

I have the matching twin beds still...that my children had, one in each of their rooms. In Europe we always sleep in single beds. Time for a revival here!

North of 25A said...

I am a big fan of the twin bed guest room. My brother-in-law who visits from Atlanta, not so much. The examples that you chose are wonderful. Our own has lovely upholstered headboards with coordinating quilts, but it does need to be stepped up a notch or two. I hope you little guy is feeling himself soon!

Victoria said...

We have twins in the guest room, and our son has only recently moved from a twin to a bunk. Althugh he keeps lying around on our double bed and saying he would like to have one, but he can wait a few years for that. Right now we seem to be stockpiling beds as our little girl will soon move from cot to bed (a cute little Ikea one with sheep cut out the headboard).

High Heeled Life said...

I can't wait for renos to be completed on our home.. I think we will be doing twin beds in the guest room .. I love the symetrical feel it gives..

Wishing your little guy feels better soon!


Town and Country Mom said...

I love twin beds--especially in guest rooms! Your photos are great inspiration for me! I hope your little fellow feels much better soon!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Hope that your fellow gets better soon and that you can get some sleep.
My kids had twin beds as our bungalow is small...
my daughter graduated to a 3/4 brass and iron bed when she got her own room.

The images of the twin beds are varied and fun...
BTW there were twin beds on TV and in movies for years!

Danielle said...

I hope your little guy is feeling much better this week! I agree with you - I love the twin bed. These photos are wonderful inspiration! Nothing better than a fresh, clean beautiful kept bedroom. xxx

Genuine Lustre said...

Our house is still bursting with children so can't contemplate a guest room yet, but I think they are lovely and practical. Our boys' room houses the twin beds that my sister and I shared. What I love about a twin bed is that you can "make it your own."

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Not at ALL alone in your love of the twin!!! I found a lovely french curved headboard and footboard at a little antique shop once. It was a little rough looking and I painted it a beautiful beautiful shade of mottled spring green & goldleafed all of the raised curly-cues. On the footboard, I made a huge fancy monogram initial that reflected the feeling of all of the curlycues & painted it with shadows & highlights in a deeper shade of the same green. Ooh, that bed is so luscious. Like a little queen with a big crown!


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