Friday, August 6, 2010

Have You Missed Me??

No, no I haven't run away or anything like that but I have been missing in action from the internet for the past few days cruising the lovely Southern Ontario countryside.

My husband has been off work for the last week and we have taken the opportunity to take the kiddies on a few mini road trips around Southern Ontario and at the request of my family, I have left my laptop behind. No one needs to be 'plugged-in' at all times (at least, that is what I have been repeating to myself!).
Plus, I have been working on a really exciting new project that will rear its head in September, so my blog (and my blog reading) has suffered this week but I promise to be back on track on Saturday morning! Looking forward to enjoying all your super posts that I have missed!

Hope you have all been enjoying a splendid week!


JMW said...

Sometimes it's good to unplug, unwind and get away from it all. Hope you are enjoying your trip. Can't wait to hear about your new venture!

James said...

Recharging, especially with your family, is a good thing.

Suburban Princess said...

Oooo fun! Where all did you go?
Looking forward to your new venture! Or you can just whisper it to me now lol ;o)

kristy eléna said...

love that photo! enjoy your roadtrips. that is exactly what the summer should be about. =)

Vogue Gone Rogue

High Heeled Life said...

Your worderful words and images were missed.. So glad to hear that - all is well and you were just off enjoying this great land of ours.

Yes, sometimes its good to unplug! ... the little ones will be back in school before you know it- so enjoy!!..HHL

Stephanie Savors the Moment said...

That is a great photo and yes, sometimes it is a good thing to difficult as it might be. Welcome back though & look forward to hearing about your new project - Cheers!

bevy said...

I was unplugged last week NOT BY CHOICE (lightning fried our internet and phone). I'm glad to be back and glad you are too!!!

georgia~gigi said...

Aw, aounds like a lovely little getaway! Hope you have a lovely weekend!
gi gi

Metropolitan Mum said...

Of course we did!!
PS: How funny, I own that pink Samsonite suitcase set. :)

Pink Champagne said...

Oh that picture makes me giddy! LOVE it.


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