Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Reader Asks-Should I Have Tipped???

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(Reprinted with the reader's gracious permission)

Hi Lily,

I have been going to the same hair salon for years and there have been a few different stylists that have worked with me. On my last appointment the stylist that usually does my hair was really running behind and in order to not keep me waiting too long (I had already been waiting for half an hour), the owner of the salon said they she would do my hair. When I went to pay for my services, I didn't leave a tip for the owner. I have always been under the impression that you don't tip the owner of a business but for the last couple of days I have been second guessing my judgement. I guess what I wanted to ask was should I have tipped her? To be honest, it was the best cut and blowout I have ever gotten and I received a lot of compliments on my hair since then. I usually leave a good tip for anyone who has done my hair before and I have never received the level of service from any stylist that I did from the owner.



 The topic of tipping (who to tip and how much) is often a confusing one. The whole point of tipping is to express your satisfaction with the level of service you have received. Generally, it is not usual practice to tip the owner of a business you have interacted with but if the owner himself services you as opposed to an employee and gave you great service, why not tip them if you feel so inclined.
In this particular situation, you said that you were happier with the service you received from the owner than you usually get from your regular stylist. I don't believe you need more of a reason than just that. An act of kindness and a showing of appreciation is never against "the rules".


Anonymous said...

Tipping is ever so tricky... Thanks for addressing the issue!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

I completely agree with you, Lily! Now, I'm just dying to see Penny's haircut. :)

Suburban Princess said...

This is such a touchy one!
At lunch the other day we got extremely overbearing service and when I went to pay the bill the owner (who served us) stood right never to me overseeing my bank card transaction...he could see what I was typing in and I didn't want to leave a tip but ugh I felt the pressure to do it. I didn't want to embarass the people I was with so I added a small one.

I dont like money for the pressure it brings!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Thanks for the tip!!! I have never run into that problem, but if I do I will know what to do!! :)

CJay: ChicReport said...

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Follwoing you!

James said...

Excellent advice, but what else would we expect!