Friday, December 4, 2009


I am pleased as punch to have my dear (and very fashionable!) friend Giorgena S. doing a guest post today. She is a big fan of the First Couple, so even though we usually do the 'Look of the Day' together, I thought it only appropriate for her to do the post by herself.

While it's now old news that the President and Mrs. Obama honoured Prime Minister Singh of India and his wife Mrs. Kaur for their first State Dinner at the White House this past week, what left a big impression on me was the vision of the Obamas in their formal attire for this gala event. I happened to catch a photograph of Michelle Obama in the paper while riding the subway train the next morning and I thought to myself that this is the best I'd seen her look. For one, I am a fan of her hair upswept the way it was, but her gown and accessories were not just beautiful but so suitable to the occasion.

I quickly found some more pictures on line, which is when I saw this one of the First Couple. To be fair, any man in a well-fitted tux looks great to me. There's not much for a President to do to spice up a tuxedo so I'm glad he didn't try. His best attempt at an accessory was indeed his wife, who glowed in a shimmery gold and silver, floor-length strapless gown and shawl by Indian-American desiger Naeem Khan.

She also wore an arm-full of churis, traditional Indian bangles and very pretty but not overstated, long and definitely Indian-inspired, dangling earrings.
Besides the appropriateness for the occassion of choosing an Indian-American designer (and the dress was actually detailed by hand in India by the designer's family) and wearing something subtly influenced by traditional Indian dress, I thought the First Lady just looked stunning from head to toe. Some of the other guests wore traditional Indian sarees which is fine for the occasion but I'm not sure I would have liked it so much if Mrs. Obama did this too - for one it would not have been very outstanding or original for the event, but however respectful, it would have looked too costume-y and pretentious. As First Lady and hostess, I much prefer her looking like a beautiful American woman paying subtle tribute to her guests using style.

Together, the First Couple looked tremendous and brought back some of those great proud feelings of seeing them together the night of the election results and inauguration night, a giant step forward in the history of the USA, regardless of what side of the political spectrum one leans. It doesn't hurt either that they are charming and attractive. I saw lots of pictures of the event and, for the record- and not because of whom they are - they were hands-down in my opinion the best-dressed couple there.
Although Naeem Khan is not a household name (that might change now, right?) his designs are favoured by many celebrities (Katherine Heigl, Jeanne Trippelhorn, Taylor Swift, just to name a few!). In doing a little research I must admit I didn't see one dress I didn't like!

Here's another favourite picture of the two of them, capturing the moment.
What do you think of the Obamas' Look of the Day?


Blondie said...

Love her earrings. I have a little something for you over at my blog sweetheart. Congrats! Kori xoxo

Mommy Lisa said...

They were STUNNING! I loved the look so much. She is the classiest lady and so much more original than any other First Lady in FOR-EVAH!

Melanie's Randomness said...

I think they always look classy. Michelle always dresses to the ninth!! What's really cute I think is Obama always looks at her with a smile. I like the last picture.

Beth Dunn said...

STUNNING! Simply beautiful. xoxo


Mrs Tailleur said...

I think they always look great. I like the last photo. Looking at the world from their point of view. Interesting shot.

Tish Jett said...

Sometimes I think the look I like best is the one they give each other.

However, that is not to say I wouldn't like the earrings and the bracelets and if I had her arms and a la-dee-da party, I wouldn't mind the dress either.