Thursday, December 31, 2009

Keeping Your Tootsies Covered and Stylish on the Party Circuit!

There was a time when people didn't remove their shoes when they entered another's home. A horrible thing for carpets and rugs but definitely a more dignified way for a guest to prance around. It is hard to maintain an air of elegance when you feel like a kid sliding across a floor in your stockinged feet!
I always feel a little uncomfortable taking my shoes off at other peoples homes (especially in the summer time!). The thought of my well-manicured but bare feet slapping around on a foreign floor just doesn't do it for me. Sound a little anal?? Maybe but I just can't get over it and I figure if I am going somewhere to enjoy myself, I should limit my neurosis rearing its ugly head as best as I can.
Also, I will admit I am a vain gal. I love picking through my selection of shoes and deciding which ones will be 'just right' for my outfit. After putting all that thought into what will shod my feet, I feel shortchanged when I have to remove a pivotal piece of my ensemble.

When visiting a friends home, I occasionally travel with a pair of ballet slippers that I slip into when I have arrived at my destination. Something a touch more stylish than a house-slipper (and no, you should never be carting around your house-slippers no matter how cute you think they are!) and a comfortable alternative to bare or stockinged feet.  Unfortuately, it limits me when it comes time to choose what purse I will carry (my purse must obviously be big enough to hold that extra pair of shoes).

That is where Footzyrolls come to the rescue! I was recently at a holiday party where I came across a woman who was mingling from room to room wearing a pair of these adorable metallic ballet slippers. I happened to be in the front foyer getting something from my purse when this guest was running outside to retrieve something from her car and that is when I noticed her removing her 'shoes' and putting on a pair of thigh-high boots.

I usually don't like to ask people about where they acquire their belongings but my curiosity had been peaked and I just couldn't help myself. These little flats were just too cute not to be nosy. She told me she had seen them in a magazine and picked them up online at Footzyrolls. Then she showed me something that clinched the deal for me. She took these lovelies and rolled them into these tiny little balls that she tucked into a tiny little pouch and slipped into her tiny little purse! I couldn't believe that the slippers could fit into a purse that small but the proof was sitting there right in front of me.

She added that these slippers had also saved her on many occasions when she just couldn't take the discomfort of sporting a pair of sky-high stilettos for a minute longer. Who among us hasn’t experienced foot pain from walking or standing too long in uncomfortable high heels???

The slipper is made of a durable, skid resistant, waterproof under-surface and polyurethane upper that comes in seven great colors: Black As Night, Shimmery Silver, Glittery Gold, Wedding White, Pretty in Pink, Golden Gator and Black Magic (the last three listed being limited edition colours for the season). The heel is reinforced with extra padding for additional comfort and support. A drawstring shoe bag is included so that you can house the shoes that you have removed (big enough to house the highest of heels).
Click on any of the Footzyrolls links and you will be taken directly to their website.

All images courtesy of Footzyrolls


JMay said...

These are so smart, I was always wondering when shoes like these would come out.

Perfect, thanks for posting! :-)

JMW said...

What a great idea! These would be perfect to take along to a dressy event when the heels starting hurting. Happy New Year!

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Stefanie Valentine said...

I have heard about these and i should definitely get some, they are such a great idea! x

Jose said...


Jo said...

Clever! I need to look into a pair of these gems.

Have a very Happy New Year!

Blondie said...

These are great honey! I have to get some! Thank you so much for your sweet email and too kind comments. You are such a wonderful person sweetie and I'm so lucky to have met you this year! If you like the typewriter on my Etsy, check in tomorrow, it will be up for sale if you know anyone who is wanting one. Have a great night! Kori xoxo

Kitty M said...

Oooh these are fantastic - they would be great after a night out staggering around in high heels !

Victoria said...

I too hate to take my shoes off at someone else's home. It can totally ruin you look having to pad around in nothing but your bare foot, or stockings! I saw these little shoes at the airport a while ago and thought they were cute, but I was worried that they would be all wrinkley and screwed up when unrolled. Obviously not. Now I need to get some for sure. Thanks for the reminder.

Slice of Pink said...

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