Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trends For Fall 2009-The Riding Boot

For some of us,, the riding boot has never actually fallen out of graces or our closets but this season it has become one hot item for everyone to invest in.
I remember the first pair I ever bought, the most perfect chocolate brown boot I had ever come across. Now for a girl that stands just a smidge under 5'1 finding a riding boot that didn't hit me in the upper region of the knee cap (a definite no-no for a riding boot) was no easy task.

It was 1985 and all the cool cats in my high school had a pair. I had roamed through every shoe store in the Greater Toronto Area looking for just the right pair and when I laid eyes on them, it was love at first site. There is nothing like a shoe high on a Saturday afternoon!

If I had the sense to take better care of my belongings back then, those lovelies would still be with me. Like any true classic, the riding boot has never really disappeared completely off the radar but this fall they are experiencing a resurgence! They are paired with everything from bulky sweaters and leggings (how 80's!) to all the lovely little plaid dresses that seem to be popping up all over the place.

Ms. Paltrow has always favored the riding boot, perfect with the skinny jean that is still popular this fall. Absolutely perfect, like she was born in them! I am not a big fan of the skinny jean on its own. I find that it emphasizes a less than perfect mid-section, gives you that inverted triangle look. Tucking your skinny jeans into a boot balances out the bottom, can even make you look long and lean, a la Gwyneth.

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Anonymous said...

That's it. I'm going to find myself a nice pair of riding boots. The quest starts tomorrow, downtown.