Saturday, September 5, 2009

Say Goodbye to the Dog Days of Summer, Pt. 1

Whether we want to admit it or not, summer is winding down to an end once again. If you live around my stomping grounds (Greater Toronto Area) you've probably not enjoyed much of a summer this year with colder than seasonal temperatures and soggy grey skies for the most part. All the more reason to throw an end of summer party to send her off in a good mood and maybe she will be a little nicer to us next year! What a better way to start your party planning than with picking an invitation that reflects the mood and tone of your gathering.

The nice thing about end of summer parties is that they usually have a very laid back and casual vibe. Most people choose to have a picnic or barbeque type of event and therefore try to run with that informal attitude and forego a posted invitation. But if you choose to invite more than a couple of people, the printed invitation can actually save you a lot of time you would be wasting on playing telephone tag or going through a hundred emails, which I know from personal experience is the worst!

Your invitation holds all the information you want your guests to have including date, time, address of party location (great for parties being held at outdoor venues like parks and recreation centers) and lets face it, who doesn't like getting something in the mail that doesn't require writing out a cheque?!

The invitations above are all featured on our site Lily Lemontree , just click on any of them to get a larger image. My next post will have some great tips on party decorations and simple but delicious recipes for your backyard soiree! Any plans for celebrating the end of the season? Please leave a comment and share any ideas you might have! 


Anonymous said...

Fortunately we have my nephew Zachary's birthday to bring us together every year around Labour Day. Although we get together to celebrate his big day, it is also a nice time to reflect on the season and talk about back-to-school and other plans ahead. For those who don't have this advantage, a Labour Day gathering is an appropriate way to say good bye to summer.

kpinellis said...

I've always made it it a point to try and get together with friends/family during the early weeks of September. A chance to spend quality time together before the cold and snow burry us in our homes.
A goodbye summer bbq is a must in our home.